Vinturi Corkscrew and Wine Aerator {Review}

It’s not secret that many parents enjoy a glass of wine now and then. My hubby and I are no exception. We both enjoy drinking a glass of wine together at the end of a long week and having some good (child-free) conversations. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that up until just recently, we’ve been using the oldest, simple, and broken wine opener. It’s so old that I can barely open a bottle of wine with it and so the task normally falls to my hubby. I was so excited to try the Vinturi traditional lever wine opener. It is a million steps ahead of our old one, which promptly went in the garbage as soon as we opened up this gorgeous one.


Not only is it shiny and beautiful, you can tell it’s a workhorse when it comes to wine openers! It worked like a dream. I am so happy to finally have a decent wine opener. I’m not sure why it took so long for us to throw out our old university-age wine opener, but am I ever glad we did. Whereas opening a corked bottle of wine was previously a massive effort, it’s now super easy and simple. The screw is also non-stick so it doesn’t get stuck, which has always been a problem before. There’s even s a separate foil cutter and replacement screw to make wine opening even easier.


We also received the Vinturi red wine aerator to try out. I’ve often heard that allowing wine to breathe before drinking it improves the taste. The process is normally so time consuming though. Not with Vinturi’s aerator. You hold it over your glass and pour your wine right though. It’s amazingly quick. There’s also a great no-drip stand and filter screen, AND it’s dishwasher-safe. We both took turns trying the wine on its own as well as after pouring it through the aerator, and there was a definite noticeable difference. I haven’t yet used an aerator like this, but it’s pretty cool. Plus, it’s a great little compact size so it doesn’t take up much room in the cupboards. We try to use the aerator now every time we have a glass of red wine.


Thanks to Vinturi, we’re enjoying our parenting glass of wine that much more now.

Disclosure: I was gifted product for review consideration, this is however not a paid post and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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15 responses to “Vinturi Corkscrew and Wine Aerator {Review}”

  1. How marvelous, I like that you you don’t need much strength to use this. I can’t pull corks out the regular way at all!

  2. We’re not really wine drinkers, but this looks like a great product!

  3. I could use this; I have a huge wine collection and am constantly drinking it for dinners, get togethers and also gifting bottles. I could use this… I still use the original corkscrew opener I purchased while in college from the dollar store; I love it for nostalgic value, but its run its course. Thanks.

  4. Love these. Thanks for the review.

  5. now that’s a quality product!

  6. We also enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of a hard day,this looks like a nice opener the one i am using now could easily be replaced as it does not work so well anymore.Thanks for the detailed review.

  7. These both sound as if they’re in the profi class. I’m not really a wine drinker but I might be if I had both of these 🙂

  8. Vinturi makes a great line of products….would love to get the Vinturi Dripless Wine Pourer 🙂

  9. wow looks like an awesome corkscrew , i need a good one , i will def be looking into this one 🙂 thanks for sharing a great review 🙂

  10. This would be perfect for my Dad. A meal is not finished without his glass of wine. I will have to bookmark this to remind me for Christmas!

  11. I just love Vinturi Corkscrew and Wine Aerator…Its been awesome to use Vinturi Corkscrew. As a wine lover wine opener is neccessey issue for me. I found this article, this is impressive.

  12. What a great duo of products, and would make a nice gift, and I want them, too. I have given up on wine every bottle I have such a hard time with the cork, the pieces of it end up floating in the wine, and then I have a whole bottle to contend with – this is perfect!

  13. Looks so much easier to use than the small one we have!

  14. I think that these would be ideal for the members of my family who are wine drinkers – does aerating wine make a big difference?

  15. This looks super easy to use. It would be perfect for my Friday girls’ nights.

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