Temperatures are continuing to rise in Canada as the summer is in full bloom and staying well hydrated should be a priority for all. Including pet owners, who also have to ensure that furry family members are hydrated at all times. No matter how calm they are, cats require 300ml of water daily and dogs between 600ml and 2,500ml of water depending on their size, as pet water requirements are approximately 70ml per kilogram body weight.

Keeping your Pet Hydrated During the Hot Months

Recognizing the signs of dehydration in our pets is important and some common signs of dehydration to watch for are sunken eyes, decreased skin elasticity, loss of appetite and depression.

Thankfully PetSafe® Brand offers a range of products specifically designed to help Canadians keep their pets hydrated. Their water fountains are convenient and provide fresh, filtered water for your pet. Starting at $79.99, you can find a water fountain solution to match your needs. For more details and to purchase visit PetSafe.ca.

Keeping your Pet Hydrated During the Hot Months

  1. Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain, $129.99: With its cutting-edge design and 3 litre water capacity, the Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain is ideal for large or multiple pets. The clear bowl design not only minimizes spills and splashes but also provides a large drinking area for pets with large or flat faces. The sound of the falling water is whisper-quiet, making it easily approachable by apprehensive pets. It provides dual filtration including an activated carbon filter that removes bad tastes and odors, while a foam filter captures hair and debris. This fountain will keep your pets healthy and hydrated while adding an elegant touch to your home decor.
  2. Drinkwell® 360 Plastic Pet Fountain, $79.99: Provides 3.8 litres of fresh, filtered water for your pet. Multiple free-falling streams of water entice your pet to drink more while continually aerating the water. A charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odours, giving your pet a fresh way to stay hydrated. The fountain’s multiple streams and circular design allow pets the freedom to drink from any angle.
  3. Drinkwell® Outdoor Dog Fountain, $179.99: The largest capacity pet fountain from PetSafe® Brand, this fountain circulates fresh, filtered water for your pet. Ideal for large dogs or multi-pet homes, the patented free-falling stream of water encourages pets to drink more. Made with high-impact UV-resistant plastic, this durable fountain can be placed inside the home or outdoors when temperatures are hot.
  4. Drinkwell® Zen Fountain, $119.99: Offers your pet 3.8 litres of fresh water in a stylish, durable bowl. This stainless-steel fountain features an extra-wide patented free-falling stream that draws oxygen into the water. The constant circulation of the water inhibits bacterial growth between cleanings. The bowl also features hygienic stainless steel for easy cleaning and a large drinking area for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Do you have pets at home? How do you ensure they are drinking enough water during the summer months?

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with PetSafe.ca. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.