5 Easy Tips for a Better Study Session {Mommy Tips}

5 Tips for a Better Study Session

Have you ever wondered if there are ways to help you improve your studying methods?

If you have school-aged children or you are attending school yourself then be sure to check out the following tips that will help you have a better study session every time.

  • Take Notes and Stay Organized:  Taking thorough notes that are organized and easy to reference will help you study, learn and remember things better.
  • Utilize Online Resources: Be sure to use online study resources like Google, Wikipedia, www.studymode.com and more.  Nowadays there are infinite resources available at our fingertips.
  • Make Flash Cards or Mind Maps: Making flash cards of the information you need to learn and creating mind maps will help you learn and remember what you are studying.
  • Stay Focused: Turn your T.V. off and find a quiet area to study, wait until your toddler goes to bed or whenever you can find time for yourself.  Don’t let distractions get in the way!
  • Avoid Last Minute Studying: Schedule your study sessions and avoid staying up all night studying before the test, if you want a fresh mind then have a good night’s sleep and study in advance.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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19 responses to “5 Easy Tips for a Better Study Session {Mommy Tips}”

  1. Great tips and I agree with each one 🙂

  2. And turn off your cellphone! Too many distractions these days! Great tips!

    • For sure 🙂

  3. Setting up a quiet place that is free from distraction is very important for a productive study session. Try to avoid studying in bed as this makes your brain start to associate your bed with work and can cause problems with your sleep. Instead find a quiet corner to work out of or use a spare room to help you distance yourself from your distractions and stay focused on your material.

  4. October 31-“Take Notes and Stay Organized.’–Taking notes while you are studying allows you to write doen the most important points ans simplifies any reviewing to be done later. Being organized means keeping notes and other things pertinant to your study in a certain place so no time is wasted. -el03ro

  5. November 1-:Utilize Online Resources’ The students of today have tremendous resources at their fingertips in their computers, ipods, etc. These resources are available and the student must learn to make use of this knowledge., read and study it and then be able to use what he/she has learned in their own words and as they may apply it to the topic at hand.

  6. November 1-Utilize Online Resources Students of today have unimagined knowledge at their fingertips. Thsy have access to computers, iPads, Smartphones, etc. The trick is to read up on their special topic and learn to apply this to their studies in their own words and as it applies to their studies.

  7. NOvember 2-Make Flash Cards or Mind Maps. I have never done this but it sounds interesting. I could see Flalsh Cards work very well for vocabulary,definitions or Chemistry symbols Mind Maps might be a bit trickier

  8. Novembert 3–Stay focused.–After you are married and have children, this is easier said then done. When I went back to College to take an Accounting course, ,my youngest child took great delight in repeating the mantra I had used on him previously: ” Go to your room and study!”

  9. November 5–Avoid last minute studying. I think this applies to most people. I found that studying too near an exam was absolutely useless. I also knew a few peiple who did study up to the exam and did very well. I marvelled at them but it seemed to work. In general, however, I agree with you that a good night’s sleep usually works best for most people.

  10. November 5-I agree with you that, for most people, last minute studying is a waste of time. I know it was for me. I studied in the evenings, had a good night’s sleep and seemed to do well. I did know one girl who studied in the morning before an exam and it seemed to work for her. However, I think the majority of us need the rest and a clear mind.

  11. Studying has always been difficult for me.

  12. I used to study with my children just before dinner. I let them have their snacks afterschool. Watch their cartoons and play then get cleaned up for dinner and clean up after dinner and then books on the kitchen table. It was just a routine that worked till they were about 12 then it was different cos they had their own sport activities to do and they did most of their studying on their own.

  13. Those are good ideas.

  14. Good study habits are principles that can be carried throughout life. I agree with every single tip you stated. I also made sure that the phones and their annoying ringers, were out of earshot. My son still applies these now that he is in college as much as possible.

  15. Those are some great tips, especially the flash cards and turning the TV off. I know sometimes we leave the TV on as ‘background’ noise, but it is distracting!

  16. thanks! Those are some great study tips, I will have to do!

  17. These are all great tips….turn the tv off.

  18. I have passed these tips along to my neice who finishing her last year of school and she says they have been helpful

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