Topricin Junior: Safe Children’s Pain Relief and Healing Cream {Giveaway}


Topricin Junior is a natural pain relief and healing cream that has been specially formulated for children, Topricin targets pain and helps the body heal the damage fast.

Topricin Junior has no grease, odor, parabens, petroleum or harsh chemicals and it is safe for children.  This cream stops pain caused by muscle sprains, strains, spasm, sport related injuries, bruising, growing pains, vaccinations (injection site pain), minor burns, bug bites, eczema, diaper rash and other aches.

Life with children is filled with unexpected bumps, boo boos and playground-related injuries. Having a fast and safe natural pain relief cream for children is crucial as injuries are bound to happen.

I have tried the cream with my 2-year-old and I like that it is gentle and soothes and moisturizes his skin at the same time.  I found it very useful for bug bites and when dealing with common bumps and bruises. The tube of Topricin Junior  is just the right size to keep on hand and I store it in my diaper bag to use it on the go.

Something else I like is that the cream has no strong odor and it doesn’t contain irritating chemicals or volatile oils such as camphor or menthol. Instead it contains arnica and echinacea to help reduce inflammation.Topricin

Finally, I appreciate that Topricin Junior received the Parent Tested/Parent Approved (PTPA™) Seal of Approval and that 5 % of all sales from Topricin Junior go to Children’s Health Organizations.

Buy it:  (MSRP $12.99) Topricin Junior is available in pharmacies, natural food stores, and other fine retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, and other retail stores throughout the U.S., as well as direct from the Topical BioMedics’ online store (call for International shipping).

FREE Kids Care and Share Kits (limited time offer): Topical BioMedics is offering free Kids Care and Share Kit while supplies last. Customers simply pay $6.96 for shipping and handling. (A 1.5-ounce tube of Topricin retails for $12.99). Limit one per customer.

Win it:  One lucky US/CAN reader will win one Topical BioMedics’ limited edition Care and Share Kit that includes: one 1.5-ounce tube of Topricin Junior with 15 sample packets to share with others in a white sheer fabric. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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42 responses to “Topricin Junior: Safe Children’s Pain Relief and Healing Cream {Giveaway}”

  1. I always care tissue and bandaids with me.

  2. Band-aids are a must!

  3. band-aids for sure!

  4. I have a barrier srpay and bandaids at all times!

  5. I have a small first aid kit in my car

  6. i always have wipes and bandaids, but if i can pass it off to another capable adult i will for sure.

  7. I have a travel size first aid kit I keep.

  8. Band aids and polysporin always 🙂

  9. I have a small first aid kit tucked into the diaper bag. It has come in very handy on several occasions.

  10. have to admit i don’t usually have what i need

  11. I haven’t even started a kit yet…I better start!

  12. band aids and wipes

  13. I have bandaids and wipes.

  14. I carry Polysporin spray

  15. band aids and antibiotic ointment

  16. i carry band aids and neosprin with me

  17. I actually have a mini First Aid kit in my purse. Fortunately, I haven’t had to us it yet!

  18. Kisses, a hug and a first aid kit in the car or buggy.

  19. I always carry Saje’s Arnica Rescue with me.

  20. Band aids.

  21. I don’t carry anything with me. I will usually head home and take care of it.

  22. I usually carry an antibacterial cream and bandages. It would be great to have a pain reliever too.

  23. I don’t carry anything in my purse actually. My daughter doesn’t hurt herself very often so it’s never been an issue before.

  24. I always carry bandages with me.

  25. We have a little first aid kit we keep in the car.

  26. i have my first aid kit in my backpack every time we go out

  27. I don’t generally have what I need for day to day when out and about, but for hiking I carry a small first aid kit with us and also on car trips.

  28. Children’s skin are so sensitive that they need hypoallergenic products. It is good that we have this in the market because it can’t be helped that our children will have certain wounds or bruises from playing. This will surely help a lot in relieving pain and keeping their skin moisturized.

  29. polysporin on the go and bandaids

  30. My kids like to “play” with the band-aids, so they dont stick around long here

  31. My sons are 10 and 12 and come home w/bumps and bruises from school and wipe outs on the bike. I give hugs and try to keep the area clean but don’t give anything specific.

  32. Always carry first aid supplies and wipes etc – just in case.

  33. I ususally have neosporin

  34. I carry bandaids with me and use a wipe to clean up any scratches or cuts.

  35. I always keep BandAids and Neosporin in my purse or car.

  36. I don’t carry anything with me if we are close to home like the playground. If you go to the zoo or amusement park I do bring antibiotic spray, polysporin and bandaids.

  37. I never go anywhere without bandages and wipes

  38. Soap and water! I can still hold him over the sink! Other than than, antibacterial stuff, baby wipes, tissue, and bandaids. And water. Yup. I bring my own water.

  39. we keep a first aid kit in the car for unexpected injuries

  40. no i wing it

  41. I carry bandaids, but not much else

  42. Always have bandaids and neosporin

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