Aqua Zinger Natural Flavored Water Maker {Review}


Do you  have a hard time drinking enough water during the day? Do you find regular water boring? If you prefer your water with a little bit of flavor and would like to infuse your water with the natural flavors from organic fruits, vegetables and more then the Aqua Zinger from ZingAnything may be the product for you.

The Aqua Zinger is a stainless steel/BPA-free, 20 oz, plastic water bottle with a compartment at the bottom that has grinders to mash up things like strawberries, limes, blueberries, cucumber, blackberries, kiwis, ginger, mint or any other fruits and herbs. With a simple twist on the body of the bottle the food is mashed and a metal mesh on the bottom of the cup allows the flavors to infuse the water without allowing any of the unwanted pulp.

Aqua Zinger
With the Aqua Zinger you can create infinite all-natural beverage options without the use of artificial sweeteners or chemicals. I received a bottle to try out and I love that I can pick what I want in my water daily. So refreshing, perfect for the summer time!

I like that the bottle is easy to clean and because it’s made of stainless steel it has a sturdy feel as well. Cleaning the bottom part is a bit time consuming and you must be careful with the metal grinders as they have sharp edges but the freedom of adding exactly what you want in your water makes it worth the extra time you spend cleaning it. I found that cleaning the mesh was easier as well when using a small brush.

The Aqua Zinger also features a leak-proof cap that makes it easy to use it at home, in the car, or on the go. I’ve been using the Aqua Zinger daily for a few weeks and I really like it. You can get creative and add new ingredients for new flavor combinations. I personally love using mint, limes, oranges, strawberries and cucumber.

If you would like to add some flavor to your water without using any artificial sweeteners or chemicals then be sure to check out the website for more details on the Aqua Zinger. There are many fun colours to choose from and the bottles sell for $25.99 each.

Aqua Zinger

  • vacuum insulated, double wall stainless steel keeps your drinks cold or hot
  • finger hole provided for easy carrying
  • wide mouth top allows for easy filling and ice cubes, if needed
  • cushioned base through a soft rubber base pad to prevent slippage
  • Imported bottles with America-Made BPA/EA-free Tritan plastics from Eastman.
  • food grade safe 18/8 stainless steel (no metallic aftertaste)
  • large ingredient cup allows for maximized flavor
  • easy to clean
  • reusable
  • hot and cold liquid safe
  • carbonated water friendly
  • 20oz Bottle

 Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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26 responses to “Aqua Zinger Natural Flavored Water Maker {Review}”

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  4. oh my goodness, i need this! i have a hard time drinking plain water and add flavours to my water to make drinking it more bearable.

  5. This would be so great, but the cost is not for me. Maybe if there were a contest? I’d sure like to try it first before I buy it.

  6. I love flavored water, especially if it’s done using natural fruits. This Aqua Zinger water maker is totally awesome. A bit pricey but worth it I think.

  7. i need this product!

  8. This would be perfect for me as i am not a water person and i am trying to drink more but find it boring!

  9. What a great idea! I always find it hard to drink enough water but this would definitely help!

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  11. I have an infuser and love it! It definitely helps me get more water into my body!

  12. Thank you for the review of the Aqua Zinger Natural Flavoured Water Maker. It’s a mouthful to say but I like that part of your review mentioned that the bottle is easy to clean. I drink a lot of water and to be able to spice it up a bit…naturally…is a huge plus for me. Thank you!

  13. This looks like a great product, I would love to add some fruity flavour to my water.

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  17. I could really use this Aqua Zinger water maker because I do not really like water and therefore don’t drink enough. If I could flavor it with natural things I might drink more.

  18. I’ve only put lemon in my water – boring me!

  19. I love this.It is so compact and I would save a mint by not buying bottles water as nuch as I do.

  20. I love this. My older son was asking for vitamin water to purchase the other day. Well I told him to go get some fruit and add it to water. He thought I was kidding, I was not. Thanks for sharing.

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