Baby Bullet Baby-Food Maker Review

My son’s first “solid” meal (Sweet Potatoes)


Since before my son was born I knew I was going to feed him my own home made baby-food. I knew preparing it myself was going to give me complete control over what went in his mouth. I also knew I wanted to introduce him to a wide variety of food and specially local organic vegetables and fruits.

What I didn’t really know was which tool I was going to use to prepare it.  I mean you don’t need to buy a system to be able to successfully make your own and I am not saying you should. I just want to share my experiences with the one product I was introduced to by a friend.  My friend and I ordered our Baby Bullets a couple of months ago. We took advantage of their buy one get one free promotion and we each got one.


One of the blades, the batch tray, spatula, manual/cookbook
Power base, batchbowls, storage cups and storage tray

I have been using my Baby Bullet for almost a month now and here are my impressions:

What I loved


-All of their cups and accessories are BPA-free, Phthalate-free and Bisphenol A-free!


– Their little cookbook is amazing, it has step by step instructions on how to use the system,  recipes, feeding schedule recommendations and other tips to make your baby’s transition to solids an easy one.


-The date-dial storage cups are great because you know exactly how fresh your food is.


-The batch tray’s individual servings pop-out easily when frozen.


-The storage tray is great to keep everything organized in your fridge


-Easy press down and twist activation of the motor


-The happy faces in the little cups are super cute and my son smiles when he sees them


In action


What I would change


-The very first times I used it the motor had this strange smell. I can only describe it as a strong burnt smell.  It is now gone but it was pretty strong for a while.


-The batch tray had a very strong fiber-glass smell. I was not able to use it until I left it airing for a couple of days and the smell was gone.  I would recommend opening the box and washing everything right away and leaving the batch tray out to air before using it for the first time.


So far I have been using it a lot so I am happy with my investment.  It takes me literally about 5 minutes to prepare 4 day’s worth of food and it is great that it comes with the storage cups as well. I would recommend it to any moms looking for a system to make their own baby-food.

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10 responses to “Baby Bullet Baby-Food Maker Review”

  1. if im ever blessed with a bundle of joy i would so get this! and it looks so cute and its safe for baby & home so its a win win!

  2. I wanted to make my little ones baby food. But it looks lke she will be past babyfood by the time we get her home.

  3. I’ve been wondering if this really worked well or not. Thanks for the great rewi review. I’m hoping I can find a BOGO on it so I can buy one for my daughter because she makes my granddaughter’s baby food and my niece is expecting her first child in 2 e weeks and I think this would make a great gift! (Sorry for the typing errors, my computer is horrible and for some reason I can’t erase my mistaes (grr..) mistakes!

  4. great baby bullet love it!

  5. I got one as a gift from my babyshower and i love it. I agree, the little cookbook is amazing because i was clueless on how to go about with solids. i also love the pursebook,you can take it with you when you’re buying groceries. it has helped me to know what to look for in a particular fruit or vegetable when in doubt. I would totally recommend this product to my friends. I even bought one for my SIL.

  6. My niece just had a baby and the shower is coming up great gift idea

  7. My daughter uses this and she loves it

  8. I love this little gadget its s easy to use and fast clean up

  9. wow, this is cute and functional


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