Keep Your Stuff labels

I was contacted by Keep Your Stuff to review their multipurpose and iron on labels a little while ago.Β  I picked the design I wanted and waited to received them. They got here pretty fast and when I received them in the mail I was excited to start using them.

Their labels are waterproof personalized labels that you can put through the microwave, dishwasher and washer/dryer and they stay put.Β  You can choose between circles or rectangles for the multipurpose type and you get circles for the iron on labels. Their website has a form where you can pick the font, colors and “icons” you want to use. I decided to go for a maple leaf “Oh Canada” πŸ˜‰ with a red background. I chose to get my name and phone number printed.

I like that you only need one label and it will last you without having to replace it or get a new label every time your item gets a little wet.

I labeled a couple of personal items like my cellphone, laptop, cameras and Ipad.Β  Then I started labeling my baby’s stuff.


Wipes case with the multipurpose label and bib with the iron on label

The iron on’s are perfect for baby mittens, jackets, sweaters, baby blankets,Β  cloth diapers and socks. Basically anything that could get lost or mixed up with someone else’s stuff.

The multipurpose ones are great for sip cups, snack containers and even shoes. You can actually put the label on the inside of the shoe and it will last without getting damaged.Β  Just think of anything that can fall out of the stroller or accidentally left behind.

I definitively recommend these labels to any mom out there.Β  I know I will need to order a bunch of these once my son starts school.Β  Thanks to these I can easily label all of his school supplies knowing I just need to do it that one time and I don’t have to be buying him extra supplies all the time.

Close up

Now you can have your own personalized set of Multipurpose and Iron On Labels so you can keep your stuff! Here is how to enter:

Good Luck Everyone!!!!Β