Charlie Banana One Size Hybrid Diapers and Disposable Inserts


After hearing a lot about Charlie Banana diapers I was contacted by a local Vancouver online store: “Happy Eco Baby” to do a Charlie Banana review/giveaway. I wanted to try them for a while and I was honored to be picked to review them.  I got a package with two One Size diapers: Black and Orbit Print. I also received a pack of disposable inserts (32 in a pack).

The first thing that I loved about these diapers was the fact that they are hybrids.  Charlie Banana One Size diapers are a “2-in-1” reusable diaper system.  They have a smart front panel that gives you the option of tucking in a disposable pad when needed. They are perfect for when you don’t want to carry dirty diapers in your bag or you don’t have laundering services available e.g.,  plane rides, long car rides or when you are away on holidays.  I was looking for a pocket diaper with that option before and they are the only ones that currently offer this option.


Orbit print front view
View of the pocket and the disposable insert inside
Disposable liner

I used the disposable liners a couple of times when going out for the day and I loved the freedom of just throwing away the liner and keeping the same cover/diaper on.  I wouldn’t use this option everyday as it can get expensive and it is not very eco-friendly but I will use it for those times when I would have taken disposables anyway.  My son gets horrible rashes with all other disposable diapers and I was very happy to see that he got none when wearing the inserts.  The inserts are chlorine free, plastic free, dye free and perfume free. They are also hypo-allergic and that was a big plus for us.

The size settings for the Charlie Bananas are very similar to other pocket diapers I have used. There is an elastic that you can adjust to get the perfect fit. My son is wearing them in the M size and they fit great.


Elastic settings


After using them for a couple of weeks we have had no leaks. I really like having the option of using the disposable insert when I need it and their color and prints selection.  I am a sucker for cute prints!


Back shot of the cute print
Here is him wearing his Orbit print


I now have a new favorite diaper, I will be selling my old pocket diapers and will get a stash of these.  I also really love the fact that Charlie Banana supports Operation Smile and they donate 1% of all sales worldwide towards this effort. In conclusion they are cheaper than most other pockets and they are also more versatile.

Now I am so excited to announce that thanks to Happy Eco Baby you can get your very own starter set of Charlie Banana OS diapers and supplies.  Happy Eco Baby has very generously donated an awesome gift to give to one of my very lucky readers. They hope to help somebody to get started with cloth diapering or to help build someone’s stash.  See the details below to enter:


What the winner will get:


-1 “Hot” value pack of 6 Charlie Banana OS Diapers each

-1 Pack of 32 disposable inserts