The summer break is officially over. After the long weekend, the kids return to school in just a few days, and we are ready for the new routine. 

Mornings can be chaotic once school starts, but I am sharing some tips we use at home to help make our school mornings go smoothly.

I hope you all have the best return to school.

Back To School Time Saving Tips

  1. Set your alarm earlier than your kids to get some extra YOU time. This one is a big one for me. Making sure that I have the time to do a quick workout or drink my coffee in peace helps me start my day on a good note. Highly recommend this if you want some quiet “ME” time before the day begins. Of course, this works if you go to bed early so you don’t feel sleep-deprived. 
  2. Pack school lunches and snacks the night before. I don’t like the rush of packing lunches in the morning, and I find that preparing everything the night before works so much better for us. I usually pack healthier lunches this way, and I have to take things out of the fridge in the morning instead of rushing to put something together for them. 
  3. Get kids to lay out their clothes the night before. I have done this all my life, and now my kids do as well. I like laying out our clothes the night before so we know what we are wearing and have everything ready before our morning showers. It works so well with kids; I don’t have to worry about them having a hard time picking what they will wear in the morning. 
  4. Use a chart to help your kids visualize routines. This one is very beneficial when children are younger, but even older children benefit from this. Setting up all the steps and everything they need to do in the morning helps get them back into a routine. I usually don’t have to do this the entire school year, but it helps a lot if we do it for the first couple of weeks. Creating a chart to help you organize the day is a must.
  5. Smile, be patient and enjoy the back-to-school season. Change can be challenging for everyone at home, children and parents alike. So be patient, smile, and enjoy the return to school. If you are running behind or running late, avoid yelling and instead try to wake up a bit earlier or use the tips above to avoid rushing the next day.
  6. Get the right school gear. Finding the right school gear that gets the kids excited to get to school is a must. Go shopping with your kids to let them pick their favourite lunchbox, and get a good quality canvas backpack to get all their school books and items to school and back safely.  Having the right supplies can make it fun to get back to school!

Do you have any other tips that work at your home? If you do, share them in the comments below. I would love to hear them!

Have a Happy and Safe Back To School Season!