Baltic Amber Teething Anklet


When I first heard of Amber Teething Necklaces I thought they were for babies to chew on to help with gum pain, I was wrong. After some research I found that babies are NOT supposed to chew on them and that they should instead wear them to release minuscule amounts of the healing oils from the amber which are then absorbed by the skin to help with the pain.


Amber is a very traditional European remedy for baby teething pain, it has been used for years and it is extremely common there.   In addition to being a natural analgesic, Amber is great for reducing most types of rashes on babies, it is also supposed to help balance moods and ease anxiety.  A lot of people buy the Amber necklaces for their babies but I didn’t want to have him wearing anything around his neck so I decided to get an anklet instead.



I got one with a screw clasp


I bought mine at Lil Mango Boutique. After I received it put it on his ankle and realized it was way too big to stay on.  It fits a lot better now as he has grown more but back then I had to put a sock on top of it to keep it on his anklet.


After a couple of days of wear (only during the day and not at night time) I did noticed a slight change in behavior. It wasn’t drastic like I was hoping but I was glad it was helping him, or at least I thought it was.   He still wears it sometimes because I like to think that it helps. It is definitively not a magic cure but something to try if you want a natural solution and don’t want to use pain medication.


As with any other jewelery I never leave it on while he naps or is unattended, please keep your babies under close supervision when wearing any jewelery as it has small parts.





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