Nursing Reminder Bracelet

The nursing reminder bracelet is one of those things I wish I knew about before I had my son.  I remember the very first nights after coming home from the hospital with our son when we had to “log” his feeding times.  Like many people we had a notebook and a pen and I had to carry it with me everywhere.  Really, who wants to be looking for a notebook in the dark at 2:00a.m. or 3:00a.m?

After looking for a solution I found a Nursing Bracelet from eBay.  I loved the idea and how brilliant it was to log the time your baby last fed in a bracelet that you can wear all day and night. On top of that you could also use it to remind you of which breast your baby last fed from.

The bracelet is made with number beads that represent the hours (1-12) and between the hours there are 4 beads representing 15-minute intervals. You then use a charm to move it to the appropriate time showing when your baby last fed or when the next feeding should be.  My bracelet came with a standard “love” round charm. I purchased my own “mom” charm to replace it with.

Beads numbered from 1-12


I like that I can shower and sleep with it on as it is made of stainless steel memory wire that is corrosion resistant. I also like the fact that if I get more charms I can use it to track other things not just feeding times.

In conclusion I love my bracelet and I wear it everyday. I find it is a huge help tracking feeding times and tracking which breast I last fed him from. They also sell different colors and you can buy different charms. The cost is very economical and it makes an excellent baby-shower gift for any mom to be.

Wearing it on my wrist