My son loves the colors and shapes


When my son turned 4 months old he was more alert than ever and nursing time became a bit of a struggle as he was getting distracted with every little noise or movement around him.   His little hands were also constantly pulling at my hair and clothes and I wondered what to do.   It is really difficult to be in a completely quiet environment while nursing if you are not at home and even at home he found little things that were distracting.


After some online searching I found a site that offered a “nursing necklace”.  It is meant to occupy and reduce distraction while your baby feeds. However, it is NOT a toy or teething toy but it is for mommy to wear while she breastfeeds.  These necklaces are lead and phthalates free and that was a selling point for me. They also have a 3 year guarantee and are made so they don’t break easily.


I ordered it online and got it a couple of weeks later.  When I unwrapped the package I was pleasantly surprised with the bright colors and the size of the beads, for some reason when  looking at the photos I thought they were smaller.


Necklace with packaging


My son was very excited when he saw the necklace and wanted to play with the beads immediately.  He loved the sounds the beads made when he played with them and the bright colors.  At the beginning he was so interested in the necklace that he actually stopped nursing to play with it. I had to remove it for him to finish nursing. After he finished I left him play with it for a while and he loved it.  I quickly realized he was way too interested in playing with it to actually feed at the same time.


I don’t really use it while nursing at home anymore but I do use to play with him or when I want to entertain him or get his attention. I have found that it works great when we are out and I want him to relax on my lap while I am having lunch at a restaurant or tea at the mall.  I never allow him to put it in his mouth (even thought he tries at times) and I am always wearing it while he is playing with it.


In conclusion, I love the bright colors and shapes. It didn’t really work for us as a nursing necklace but he does enjoy playing with it at other times. I have never really worn it as a fashion accessory for myself but the Mommy Necklace website does have some other options with more toned down colors to choose from if you want something more fashionable to wear with formal clothes.


Wearing the Simply Snazzy necklace