Easter Treats Without the Sweets!

Are you ready to put some Easter baskets together for the weekend? Planning a fun egg hunt for your children/grandchildren? Forget about filling their baskets with chocolates and sweets, a basket full of unhealthy sweets is not the best way to celebrate Easter and Hasbro has just what you need to ensure hours of fun without the unhealthy sugar high!

Play-Doh Egg

Hasbro has a whole line of Easter themed treats that are sugar-free and lots of fun. If you are planning an Easter Egg hunt then start with a box of Play-Doh and Play-Doh Plus Easter Eggs, the colorful eggs are just like regular plastic eggs but instead of candy children will find Play-Doh inside. I love that it means they get to continue the fun for days and develop their creativity while moulding the clay.

Do you enjoy playing games as a family? Try getting some games to add to their basket this year. A game like DISNEY’s Where’s My Water is fun for the entire family!
Where's My Water?
Hasbro also offers a great selection of figurines and mystery bags for both girls and boys that are sure to be a hit with the kids. If you are looking for fun alternatives to sweets this Easter then be sure to check out their full selection of products here and look for Hasbro’s Easter  products at your local department store.

Hasbro ToysHasbro Toys

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11 responses to “Easter Treats Without the Sweets!”

  1. Awesome ideas 🙂 We love play-doh so these eggs are perfect.

  2. <3 Easter time!

  3. Sadly I still have to go Easter shopping :/ I always wait until the last minute. Thank you for the reminder and the ideas 🙂

  4. Hello, OSM. These are all great ideas in lieu of sugar/treats & chocolate for Easter. I especially like the play-doh idea. These are items I had not considered for Easter. Thank you for this article One Smiley Monkey.

  5. This year, I hardly put any candy in my granddaughter’s Easter basket. I used hair ties and barrettes, coloring books, reading books, stickers, 2 movies and a little bit of candy like Skittles, Ring Pops and candy necklaces. Happy Easter!!

  6. no treats in my daughters basket either and she loved it

  7. Easter toys just keep getting cuter.

  8. We went with more toys and less sugar this year for our grandkids! They didn’t care one bit!


  9. that looks yummy

  10. Easter always seem to bring the sugar/treats & loads of chocolate,but I like your idea much better

  11. I am going to bring this no sweet idea right over to the Christman stockng this year

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