My son with the HABA Kringelring

I recently purchased a HABA Kringelring Wooden Teething Toy online.  My son is in the middle of teething and he is biting anything that he gets his little hands on.  He has a couple of other teething toys that he likes but sometimes he gets upset if the shapes are not really helping his gums.

I usually try not to buy too many plastic toys because of the growing concern that plastics contain chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors and also because of the ecological implications of using plastics, so I was pleased when I realized the toy was actually made of wood.

The Kringelring is a wooden teething toy made in Germany by HABA. It is a brightly coloured teething ring with flexible elements and two small rattling rings that help stimulate the babies senses while providing a soothing surface for the gums.


The Kringelring I received

My son loves playing with the Kringelring. It was not hard to get some photos of him playing with it because it has become one of his favorite teething toys.   I really like the fact that I feel o.k. about him playing with it because I know the toy is made of beech and maple wood combined with ecological adhesives and non-toxic, water-based lacquers. One important point is that the teething toy is resistant to humidity and mechanical strain.

We love our Kringelring and I will be buying some more HABA toys for him.  Eco-friendly choices that are safe for my baby always get my approval.


The Kringelring without tags