As a busy mom of two young boys, I am struggling to constantly try to find the perfect balance between being a great parent, having a successful job and a healthy relationship with my spouse while keeping my home tidy and putting healthy meals on the table, all at the same time. Have I managed to find it? Nope. Instead, I often feel tired and burnt out. My husband feels the same way.

Are we alone searching for that elusive harmony? Is this something that other parents find easily or is this something we are all struggling with on a daily bases?

Just talking with my friends who have similar situations, we all feel the same way. Looking for perfect and balance just isn’t achievable. At least not in my case or my friend’s. However, if you do feel like you have found that perfect balance, please do share below. We are happy to hear any tips you have.

Parenting: Why Finding Perfect Balance is Unachievable

Something some people struggle greatly with is having personal time or alone time to pursue their own interests. I grew up in a very close family and being together all the time was the norm, so I am used to not getting time alone, and it doesn’t bother me as much. However, some people really need their space to decompress and to gather their thoughts. How do they manage to get a healthy amount of personal time while dealing with everything else, especially when the children are young? How do you find that balance without failing at some of the other areas?

I think letting go of the expectations of perfection and having to achieve complete balance is a good first step. Trying our best at keeping on top of all the areas in our lives that need attention is achievable and possible, but figuring it all out isn’t. If having a bit less alone time now, when the kids are young, and they need us the most means a stronger bond with your family, then making that sacrifice doesn’t sound so bad. Does it?

I would love to hear from other families going through this and how they manage to balance their time to make it all work. Have you found the perfect balance that works for you? Or are you still working on that? Share your tips on keeping things working in all areas, while still taking time to reconnect and decompress on your own.