First Mate Borris (left) and Susie the Seahorse rattle (right)


Zubels are Eco-Friendly 100% organic cotton hand knit characters. These super cute toys are the perfect companion for my little boy.  I received a First Mate Borris doll and a Susie the Seahorse rattle to review.

First Mate Borris        


Close up view


Both toys are made of super soft 100% organic cotton knit and they have very vibrant colors. Once I got them in the mail my little boy wanted to hold them and play with both right away.  I absolutely love that they don’t contain any toxic chemicals and they have been tested to ensure they are 100% safe.  At his age my son is constantly sucking on all of his toys and it makes me feel great to know that I can relax and let him play and suck on them.

Zubels also use minimal packaging when sending their products, generating less waste for the landfills and helping the environment. They use eco-friendly low-impact dyes for all of their toys.

Here is my little boy trying his new toy

The little rattle was also a hit with my son, he likes anything that makes sound and he loves shaking the rattle and playing with it. The bright colors and soft fabrics are a plus.  Before using them for the first time I gave them a quick wash and they both dried super fast. Perfect because my son wanted them right away!

Susie the Seahorse Rattle

I would recommend the Zubel Eco-Friendly Toys to any moms out there looking for eco-friendly and safe toys for baby.  Flipping through their catalog I see that they have many different characters to pick from. With starting prices under $15 they are a must have for any new baby/child.

Close examination 🙂