BabyHawk Oh Snap

Baby wearing is something I wanted to do from the moment I found out we were having a baby.  I was used to seeing moms at the malls, airports and bank line-ups happily carrying their babies.  It just looked like an easy way to get around without pushing a heavy stroller and having the freedom of hands-free time while out with your baby.

Once our son was born we realized using a baby carrier indoors at home was also great.  Newborns love spending time in your arms and the carrier keeps your baby close to you at all times.  He used to fall sleep after a couple of minutes of me walking around the house, so it was perfect for the first weeks and months. But then he got heavier and using my carrier was getting more difficult.  My back was in pain and I was able to wear him for short intervals only.

Fast-forward  a couple of months and lots of online research later and I found the BabyHawk Oh Snap. On my hunt for an ergonomic, comfortable carrier I finally found something that works great for both baby and I. I can now wear my son for long periods of time without feeling any back pain or feeling any straining.

I love the thick waist support band


The BabyHawk allows me to carry my son on the front or the back. The extra padded straps and the waist hip adjuster distribute the weight and make it comfortable and easy to carry him.

I did spent some time figuring out the proper adjustments for the length of the arm straps and the waist snaps but once I got all the right settings for my body type the first time I used it I was good to go from then on. Their website has excellent photos and instructions on how to get the settings right and how to use it.

Close-up of the waist adjustments

I also love the fact that the carrier is ergonomic not only for me but for my baby.  His little legs are not dangling like in the other carriers,  as he is actually in a comfortable sitting position.

He is in a comfortable sitting position at all times


In conclusion we love our BabyHawk Oh Snap because it is comfortable and safe for both my baby and my back. I love baby wearing and feeling my baby close, plus it is great to be able to do things around the house while keeping him close to me during the day.