Tanda me Elos: Facial Hair Removal Kit Review

Tanda me Elos Facial Hair Removal

During the summer, I had a chance to review the Tanda me Elos Professional Hair Removal System.  I wrote two posts about my experiences with the device and I even made a short video showing it in action. The first post with information on how the Tanda me Elos works is here and the second post with my final thoughts and review is here.

Because it was the middle of the summer and I was outside and getting exposed to the sun on a daily basis (not recommended when using the Tanda me Elos) I had to take a bit of a break from my treatments.  I started my treatments again a few weeks ago and I am pleased to report that the reduction in unwanted leg and arm hair I experienced has been permanent.  Right now I still have about 30-40% of unwanted hair remaining but I am hoping to see less hair as my treatments continue.

Tanda ME elos

Today, though, I am focusing on the Tanda me facial hair removal kit. I received their facial kit (attachment) and I have been using for over a month.

Removing unwanted hair from the face is very different from removing hair from other parts of the body, the special facial kit attachment is unique and you should not use the body attachments for your face.

The facial kit includes goggles, user guide, eyeliner and the me Facial attachment.  The goggles are to be used as protective eyewear to cover your eyes during treatment. The eyeliner is used to conceal delicate areas such as lip edges and facial moles.  I found that the application of the pulses (flashes) on the face was very similar to the application on the legs/arms, I was just a bit more careful when treating the upper lip area below the nostrils as those are the most sensitive areas.

My face is also way more sensitive than other parts of my body and I used a lower elos level than the level I used for my legs/arms. The treatment can also be repeated every 2 days if possible per their user guide, I am personally continuing with a 2-week treatment schedule because my skin is extra sensitive.

After 4 treatments I am happy to see smoother facial skin with less unwanted hair. I still see some hair regrowth but the hair is thinner and less noticeable. I am definitively continuing the treatments to experience maximum results. After finding waxing expensive and painful, the Tanda me Elos is a great pain-free alternative for me.

Finally, here are a few precautions that I would like to mention regarding using the facial hair removal attachment (similar to the precautions using the body attachments):

  • Sun tan or sun beds are not recommended at least 2 weeks before treatment and exposing your face to sunlight 24 hours after a treatment should be avoided.
  • You shouldn’t treat the eyebrow area, this is not an eyebrow shaping tool.
  • Don’t treat tattoos or permanent makeup
  • Don’t treat  if you have undergone any facial treatments such as chemical peel, laser/light/radio frequency treatment or injected dermal fillers within the past 3 moths
  • Don’t treat if you have undergone facial surgery within the past 3 months of before complete healing  (a more detailed list can be found on the Tanda me User Guide).

Buy it: You can get your own Tanda me Elos on their website HERE for $395 (Face Kit Included).

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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17 responses to “Tanda me Elos: Facial Hair Removal Kit Review”

  1. This would be so nice! There are so many spots I have of unwanted hair.

  2. I’m very interested in trying this product. I currently use the NoNo and it sucks.

  3. Sounds interesting

  4. So…. $395?? I’ll stick with tweezers…

  5. Sounds like an interesting product, but one that I can’t afford right now! If I could though, I’d definitely look into it for myself!


    • This product is available on QVC….often available on an easy payment option

  6. Like all women I hate my facial hair and am always looking for a product to get rid of it. The Tanda me Elos sounds awesome but no way could I afford it, so it’s cream facial removers and tweezers for me..

  7. Thank you for your review… please post more follow ups as months go by. i’d like to know how ofter you need to use the tanda ME now. 1 or 2 times a year, how often you shave now. that sorta thing

    for everyone else here.

    It’s $289. I’m not sure if it includes all the same parts though.

    This is on my list of WANTS. Yes, at $300 it’s a bit pricy, but how much time can it save me in a year? and for that matter will I have a smoother skin too? If so, i think it might be worth $300.

    This is why i am looking for as many reviews on this as I can.

    I want to know how much Time i’ll save.

    • Paige, I believe you get the basic unit and cartridge but not the facial kit. You have to make sure to check before you purchase. If you don’t get a cartridge with it then you will have to purchase one before you can start treatments.

      I usually stop in the summer you are right. I started shaving yes but realized that shaving just seems to stimulate hair regrowth and it’s not very effective, plus have to do it daily. I am epilating now and I noticed hair is back after 4 weeks instead of daily.

      The Tanda me has decreased the amount of hair but definitively nowhere near 90-100%. Not sure if it will ever do that for my hair type (dark/thick).

      Hope that helps!

      • Dark, thick hair? Consider a VISS unit. I love mine and I am 90+% permanently (or so seems thus far) hairless. It appears unable to kill the follicles of my small numbers of white hairs on face and chest so I am looking at buying an Elos for that.

  8. Will this work for thick dark facial hair

    • It does but not 100%. I find they are not all gone.

  9. This sounds great! Since I can remember I have had unwanted facial hair especially on my chin and a little on my lip. Mostly chin and underneath. I absolutely hate it and I started out tweezing but way too may and painful to do that so I started shaving….wellll now I have to do it allll the time or I would look horrible like a beard growing. This product would be a blessing to be able to afford and use. Sure would ease the aggravation AND embarrassment of having excess facial hair growth. This item is going onto my gift list for me!!

  10. I’m very interested in trying this product.but the cost would stop me

  11. I have lots of unwanted hair,this would be great

  12. I do think it’s very unfair that we as women have unwanted hair, more so as we grow older and our hormone balance changes. Not too sure about using products like these though.

  13. I can’t believe you’re saying this actually works because I thought it wouldn’t. Wow that’s great !

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