Tanda me Elos: Professional Hair Removal System Review {Final Thoughts}

Tanda mE

A few months ago I wrote this post about the Tanda me Elos Professional Hair Removal System and I introduced you to their revolutionary at-home system. If you haven’t read the first post I recommend you read it now to familiarize yourself with the Tanda me system.

After finishing the 4 recommended treatments I have some final thoughts I would love to share with you. Below is a short video I made showing the Tanda me Elos in action for you to watch:

I decided to try the Tanda me for my arms and legs. I received one shaving cartridge to try (usually not included with the machine) and after trying it out for the first time I didn’t like how it felt to shave while doing the treatment. I decided to shave in advance each time before using the Tanda me and I had no issues after that.

The video above shows the Tanda me in action and you can see the flashing lights when the device is working. I found at the beginning they were a bit too bright for my eyes but after ensuring that I was in a well lit room it was o.k. You tend to get used to the flashing anyway. My husband was in another room and he said that from there it looked like I was in the middle of a photo-shoot with all the flashing! Funny, right?

Tanda Me

I finished all the 4 treatments per their instructions and I have about 50% of  hair remaining in both my arms and legs. The hair growth has definitively slowed down a lot though and the remaining hair feels softer and thinner. I like the results so far and am going to continue with more treatments.

I read in their instructional booklet that using the epilator cartridge (sold separately) would make a big difference with the results as well. Perhaps using the epilator at the same time would have reduced the number of treatments to achieve my desired results. Realistically I would not use one because I don’t like how painful epilation is for me personally but it may be worth trying if you really want to see maximum results in a reasonable time.

I used the Tanda me on “high” according to their skin color chart and added a reminder on my phone every two weeks to ensure I didn’t miss a treatment. I am definitively happy to see the reduction in hair so far but I would like to see all of the unwanted hair gone. I guess it is a matter of continuing the treatments to see if I can reach my goal.

I am also really happy to see that my skin is smoother after the 4 treatments and the fact that I can do the treatments at home and they are fast and painless. Way better than using a razor and dealing with ingrown hairs or painful waxing.

Tanda me

I definitively recommend the Tanda me Elos if you want to stop shaving every day and you want a pain-free system. If you decide to purchase the Tanda me be sure to follow the strict two week schedule for treatments to see results and if you are o.k. with using epilators then be sure to get the extra cartridge as well for faster results.

Buy it: You can get your own Tanda me Elos on their website HERE for $395.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

Founder and Writer at One Smiley Monkey blog
Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

56 responses to “Tanda me Elos: Professional Hair Removal System Review {Final Thoughts}”

  1. I would really like this hair removal system, sound like it has worked for you. It is a bit pricey for me but I think I might put it on my Christmas list…:)

    • Totally worth it if you think about how much money you spend already on other hair removal methods. 🙂 Hope you get it for Christmas!

  2. Thanks for this post! I had laser treatments done on my underarms and upper lip and it’s basically all gone but it costed me way over $1000 over the span of a few years and I don’t have much hair either!! It’s worth the time and money!! Think of the time you’ll have width your kids or hubby!

  3. I had laser treatments. loved the results but this is way more cost effective.

  4. Hi Angela,

    I just bought this for $219 on teambuy.ca.
    Just wondering how long the cartridge lasted? Also just wondering how you are doing with this now after almost 2 months. Thanks.

    • Hi Shebo,
      Great deal! The cartridge lasts a long time, depends on your level and how many areas you are planning to treat. I had to take a bit of a break because of the Summer (since you can’t do it and tan at the same time). I still need to finish my treatment but I can say that the hair that was gone is still gone even after a few months (basically no regrowth).
      Also, I have about 20% left on the only cartridge I have used, I think I will be able to use that for another couple of treatments.

      • Thanks for replying! Well that’s good news. I just might purchase an extra cartridge anyways. I really hope this works out. If it does then my son might try it on his back (with my help of course!)…poor guy is very hairy and very insecure about it. He is pale with very dark hair all over his body. Even if he has to use a 2 or 3 cartridges it would be well worth it. Thanks again.

      • That’s great! Good luck with your treatments!!!

  5. Your blog gave me encouragement to buy this product, also on Teambuy as one of your other posters did. According to their ad, I should have received the face kit but did not. I’m told “it’s in the mail”. It’s been two weeks. I used it immediately and had no results from the first treatment. Not too surprising, but I expected SOME results. I’ve done IPL in a salon before and noticed some hair reduction after the first treatment.
    Today I was using it for the second time and after about 20 minutes it stopped working, and the error light came on. I assumed it was overheating and I unplugged it and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The booklet says if this happens to reset it for 2 minutes. Well, it hasn’t come back on yet. It’s been an hour and when I plug it in, I don’t even get the yellow light beside the power button. Has this happened to anyone? I went on the Tanda website only to find that they no longer sell this product!! I’m a little concerned now! Will they honour the warranty and what about replacement cartridges? I feel like I’ve been had 🙁

    • Hi Eva,
      Thanks for writing! Sorry to hear that you are having issues with this product. I have been using it for over 6 months without an issue. I also received the facial kit and it worked fine. I don’t think I saw noticeable results the first time but I definitevely started to see a big difference after 3-4 times.

      Are you consistent with the schedule treatments? Did you pick the proper level? As for the product not working I am sure they would offer some sort of resolution. Have you tried e-mail/calling them? I am not sure what website you are looking at as I still see the product live at http://www.trytandame.com/.

      I hope you get some resolution from the company asap. Sorry you are having a bad experience with this product!

      • Hi Angela, Just to update you and your readers: I called the number at http://www.trytandame.com and they redirected me to http://www.tanda.com where I bought it and they were very happy to honour the warranty and replace the machine! On Monday I should be receiving the return packing slip and I mentioned that I had still not received the face kit and they said they’d be sending both to me by the end of next week.
        I’ll keep you posted when I receive them and the results of the treatments. Feeling much happier today 🙂

      • Fantastic Eva, thanks for the update! I also e-mailed the company with your info/comment so hopefully you will get your replacement asap. Keep us posted!

      • Eva,
        Hope this has been all solved already! I contacted the company directly after seeing this and just got an e-mail with some information from them:

        “We launched Tanda.ca for our Canadian customers and the Me is still available on this website. We have removed Tanda Me from Tanda.com until we launch in the USA. Regarding the other concerns, the device is covered under a one year warranty if we can get this customers information or if the blogger could direct them to either info@tanda.com or 1877 651 1177 we can get the device replaced right away. Our customer service team can also provide expectations for results, studies show a reduction after the first treatment, but generally it’s not visible to the eye because we have thousands of hair follicles. We generally tell customers to wait until after the 3rd treatment to see results.

        For the customer who did not receive the Face Kit, she can call or email our customer service team at 877 651 1177 or info@tanda.com and they will take care of it.”

        Hope that helps if you are still waiting 🙂


      • Hi Angela, Thanks for your message and for looking into this for me! Once I got a hold of someone, they were very helpful. It’s taken longer than they said but the face kit just arrived and the Tanda Me machine is in the mail. I hope to get it before the end of the week. I’ve now missed 2 treatments, but hope it won’t have too much impact since I’d only gotten through one and a half treatments before it broke down! Again, thanks for your time!!

  6. Hi,
    Just ordered my Tand me hair removal from Costo.ca. I hope it works for me and my needs. I feel ok about the purchase, because if I’m not happy at all, I can return it to any Costco. I will update as I use it.

    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing Susan! Keep us updated 🙂

    • AWESOME! thank you for letting me know its at Costco!

      i may just pick it up there also!

      How’s it going so far since you got it?

  7. this one is out of my budget but I know my sister would love this.

  8. This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed
    and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post.

    Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

  9. Hi,

    I had this done in a dermetologist office about 4 years ago, then I had a baby…so with the hormone shift my hair came back. I bought this at Costco.ca and so far have only done one treatment. Have you noticed that there is no zap feeling? At the dermetologist office it was a zap feeling when they got the hair shaft, with this, its just warm. I have it on hight, as I have very pale skin and black thick hair. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Debbie,
      I feel the heat of the device as well and a very very light zap when the flashing happens. Easy to miss I guess.
      Was the zap at your dermatologist office very strong?

  10. Hi, I’m pretty interested to see how this product works. I’m a clinical Esthetician and am trained on the I.P.L machines and I an tell u that if you are feeling the zap and it’s too strong of a zap then I would suggest going down a level on your Fitzpatrick scale.

  11. Because the machines intensity is governed by the parameters set by each different Fitzpatrick scale level, you might have just miscalculated your own level on that scale.

  12. That’s probably why when u went to have it done at a spa or clinic that you felt the zap a little too strong.

  13. Hi Angela,
    Thank you for this post. I am interested in buying the machine, but I can’t get any information about people with light skin and light-ish hair. Would you know if it works for us too?

  14. Hi Thanks so much for the review, and Video!! that help a lot!

    I’ve been looking at the Tria 4X and the Silk’n for a while now, but been holding off. This may have just made it to the top of the list.

    It’s been a while, since you posted this, so your well past the 6-7 week suggested period.

    How are the results now?
    do you still use it from time to time?
    Did you need to buy a replacement cartridge?


    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      I would say that I have continued to see a reduction in hair growth but I have not reached the 90-100% reduction range. However the hair that’s left grows very slowly and it looks and feels thinner.

      I am still using it but since we are so close to the summer and more sun exposure I will have to take a break from it very soon.

      I did purchase an extra cartridge because I finished the one I received.

      Good Luck with whatever machine you decide to purchase!

      • I think I have decided to bite the bullet on this one. Costco has it for $289. though i do not know if this includes all the same items you have been talking about in your posts. Can you enlighten us to be sure.


        It’s summer again, so I guess you have stopped again. How often do you find you need to shave now… if at all? do you think you’ll start saving money… and time?

        At $300 with the amount of time you have spent using this. would you say it’s worth it?

        Do you think you’ll get too 90-100% by next summer? will it last that long?

        Sorry for all the Q:s…

      • Paige, I believe you get the basic unit and cartridge but not the facial kit. You have to make sure to check before you purchase. If you don’t get a cartridge with it then you will have to purchase one before you can start treatments.

        I usually stop in the summer you are right. I started shaving yes but realized that shaving just seems to stimulate hair regrowth and it’s not very effective, plus have to do it daily. I am epilating now and I noticed hair is back after 4 weeks instead of daily.

        The Tanda me has decreased the amount of hair but definitively nowhere near 90-100%. Not sure if it will ever do that for my hair type (dark/thick).

        Hope that helps!

      • I just came across a deal on Groupon for a Silk’n sesipil for $279.
        It was on my list before i came across the Tanda Me.

        i liked it because it proved to be the fastest and easier than the Tria… but not as effective. i like it though because it seemed like it would be less of a pain to use. (no pun intended)

        Did you do much research on this model?

        How would you compare it to the Tanda ME?

        I know the Tanda Me has the RF feature, but haven’t seen much info anywhere as to how effective that is… so from a conveinence stand point, what do you think is a better choice?

        thanks again.

      • Can’t really give you my thoughts on the Silk’n sesipil because I haven’t tried it myself. As I said before with the Tanda Me if you use it as recommended and follow their schedule you will see results. My arm hair is very thin now compared to what I used to have. Not gone 100% but I have not followed the treatment year around as I stop during the warm months when I get sun exposure.

  15. Hi, love your review. I am interested in this product as well. I always see TV ads for the No-No, but am skeptical if such a product exists. I am really liking this product’s review though.
    Can it be used more than every two weeks, like every week or every 3 days or so? Thank you

    • I believe you should follow their recommended schedule for best results but you may be able to give it a try every week to see if it works better for you. I know for the facial attachment they recommend doing it weekly if possible.

  16. Thanks for sharing your excellent internet site.

  17. Sending a pin your way 🙂

    Well so far i am Quite Happy!

    **Under arms after (5 min)
    8 -9 passes
    Every 2 weeks
    Medium to High strength
    75% reduction with thinner hair.

    **Legs (20 min)
    7-8 passes
    Every 2 weeks
    90% reduction Much thiner hair

    Bikini (5-10min)
    7-8 passes
    Every 2 weeks
    High – Medium
    80% reduction much thinner hair

    I was able to get extremely close before setting to medium. I almost have a Brazilian now!!! Amazing!!! It is less painful than I would have thought. I get closer each time I use it.

    Shaving and waxing will be a breeze now, if ever i need to. I plan to keep it up till it dies.


    BTW I have Dark hair and fair skin so I am an ideal candidate.

    Thanks for the tips Angela.

    • Thanks for this! Glad to hear it is working 🙂

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  29. Thanks for the post,very interesting.I am thinking about buying the machine

  30. Hi,

    I am considering buying the Tanda and your blog post has assisted greatly. My main aim is to use it to do a full brazilian. Any advice regarding the pain levels when using the machine ‘down there’? Also there is a new Tanda black and white one that is now on the market. Do you have any idea how it compares to this version?

    Thank you

  31. I really thinking about investing in a hair removal system,seems to be lots of postive feedback on this one

  32. This was a very interesting blog post, and I loved all the comments too. It’s an expensive machine but seems to do the trick.

  33. thanks so much for the great review… but as you know time tells all.

    I know you did this a while ago so I’d love to know more about how long it lasted… do you still use it? have you maintained a 90% reduction?

    thanks so much.

    And great responses here too, minus the last few posts… (you should clear some out)

  34. I meant to ask, how important is the epilator?

  35. I can’t believe so many people had good results. This is something I didn’t think would happen because usually you would buy it and see minimal results but then your stuck with the expensive machine not in this case which is great


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