Tanda mE

A few months ago I wrote this post about the Tanda me Elos Professional Hair Removal System and I introduced you to their revolutionary at-home system. If you haven’t read the first post I recommend you read it now to familiarize yourself with the Tanda me system.

After finishing the 4 recommended treatments I have some final thoughts I would love to share with you. Below is a short video I made showing the Tanda me Elos in action for you to watch:

I decided to try the Tanda me for my arms and legs. I received one shaving cartridge to try (usually not included with the machine) and after trying it out for the first time I didn’t like how it felt to shave while doing the treatment. I decided to shave in advance each time before using the Tanda me and I had no issues after that.

The video above shows the Tanda me in action and you can see the flashing lights when the device is working. I found at the beginning they were a bit too bright for my eyes but after ensuring that I was in a well lit room it was o.k. You tend to get used to the flashing anyway. My husband was in another room and he said that from there it looked like I was in the middle of a photo-shoot with all the flashing! Funny, right?

Tanda Me

I finished all the 4 treatments per their instructions and I have about 50% of  hair remaining in both my arms and legs. The hair growth has definitively slowed down a lot though and the remaining hair feels softer and thinner. I like the results so far and am going to continue with more treatments.

I read in their instructional booklet that using the epilator cartridge (sold separately) would make a big difference with the results as well. Perhaps using the epilator at the same time would have reduced the number of treatments to achieve my desired results. Realistically I would not use one because I don’t like how painful epilation is for me personally but it may be worth trying if you really want to see maximum results in a reasonable time.

I used the Tanda me on “high” according to their skin color chart and added a reminder on my phone every two weeks to ensure I didn’t miss a treatment. I am definitively happy to see the reduction in hair so far but I would like to see all of the unwanted hair gone. I guess it is a matter of continuing the treatments to see if I can reach my goal.

I am also really happy to see that my skin is smoother after the 4 treatments and the fact that I can do the treatments at home and they are fast and painless. Way better than using a razor and dealing with ingrown hairs or painful waxing.

Tanda me

I definitively recommend the Tanda me Elos if you want to stop shaving every day and you want a pain-free system. If you decide to purchase the Tanda me be sure to follow the strict two week schedule for treatments to see results and if you are o.k. with using epilators then be sure to get the extra cartridge as well for faster results.

Buy it: You can get your own Tanda me Elos on their website HERE for $395.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.