Peeka Pals: Personalized Clothing for Children {Giveaway}

Peeka Pals

Peeka Pals was started by a father of four boys living in Randolph, NJ.  He wanted to create something to celebrate friendship and the relationship between his four boys so he came up with some unique animal characters.

His online store offers personalized onesies, t-shirts and sweatshirts and he also has an Etsy shop that sells other products like wall clocks and greeting cards

I love that you can add your little one’s name or a phrase to each piece of clothing and that makes the pieces extra special and personal.  My son’s name has a pretty unique spelling and I like seeing it on his own personalized sweatshirt. I also like that you get to pick a character you like, we went with the monkey on a red background.

The Peeka Pals sweatshirt is made of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. It is super soft, breathable and comfortable.  My son loves wearing it and he keeps repeating his name when he wears it.

Peeka Pals

Peeka Pals

Each order comes in a nicely wrapped gift box that’s perfect if you are purchasing it as a present. My order also included a small card with washing instructions. I appreciate getting clear instructions on how to wash new clothing to avoid damaging it.

I have managed to keep the design and colors looking vibrant by following the recommended washing instructions. Just machine-wash inside out with cold water using mild detergent and machine-dry in low heat.

Peeka Pals has also developed a unique philanthropic “Buy a Pal, Help a Kid!” Program. It is a campaign dedicated to offering new clothing to a child in need for every one they sell from their online store. I love when companies give back to the community.

Check out their online store now and take advantage of their free shipping promotion for all orders over $45. You can pick an adorable pal from their selection and personalize it with your child’s name or favorite phrase/word.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will get to pick one of the adorable Peeka Pals sweatshirts and personalized it. Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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183 responses to “Peeka Pals: Personalized Clothing for Children {Giveaway}”

  1. The monkey is my favorite thank you for the giveaway!!

  2. Monkey

  3. either the penguin or the frog. they are both so cute

  4. Lovley site! Ty for the giveaway!

  5. We like the owl

  6. love the monkey!!

  7. I would have to go with two items for my two boys

    The Owl Bodysuit
    The Owl Sweatshirt

    Such cute stuff

  8. Love the monkey!

  9. Peek a boo tiger is really cute

  10. I Love the Giraffe!!

  11. The frog!

  12. I like the owl

  13. My fave–the adorable little monkey

  14. My favorite is the Panda

  15. i like the penguine

  16. panda

  17. I love the peek-a-boo giraffe with a blue background for a little boy! 🙂
    I also love that this is a charitable organization!!

  18. my fave is the peekaboo frog

  19. The Peek-a-boo Giraffe !!

  20. panda

  21. The monkey is mine and my sons favourite!

  22. The monkey!

  23. My favorite is Peek-a-boo Penguin!

  24. I like the monkey for my little monkey.

  25. the frog

  26. The Giraffe

  27. The Peekaboo Tiger is adorable.

  28. i think the penguin is very cute.

  29. the panda

  30. the frog is cute

  31. Penguin is cute

  32. So cute! I think my favorite is the Owl!

  33. The penguin is probably my favorite.

  34. Peek a boo tiger

  35. Love the giraffe! So cute!

  36. the zebra

  37. I like the zebra and the giraffe

  38. my 2 year old son loves monkeys and frogs

  39. I just love that monkey face – that’s the one for me

  40. I love the penguin.

  41. Visited Peeka Pals online and my favorite animal from their Peeka Pals selection is the giraffe.

  42. I like the giraffe best

  43. They are all so cute but the giraffe is my favourite!

  44. I like the monkey. (and how about adding an alligator?)

    • Alligator is a good idea! I will try to create one soon.

  45. My favourite animal on their website is the Peek-a-boo Monkey.
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  46. I love the giraffe!

  47. The Peek-a-boo Frog is our favourite, thanks.

  48. I like the giraffe

  49. I love the monkey

  50. I love the Zebra and Panda!

  51. Peek-a-boo Panda

  52. The panda children’s sweatshirt looks very nice!

  53. I like the owl and the panda

  54. peek-a-boo owl is my favorite 😀

  55. I like the frog

  56. My son’s favourite animal is a penguin – so that would be neat.

  57. giraffe

  58. The zebra and giraffe are adorable!!

  59. I LOVE the panda, so cute and fat.

  60. My fav. is the frog…

  61. I love the Giraffe

  62. I like the penguin design.

  63. that monkey is super cute!

  64. I like the penguin best, but I bet my daughter would prefer the giraffe.

  65. I like the Peek-a-Boo Giraffe!

  66. Owl

  67. I love the owl

  68. I think I like the giraffe and the monkey best

  69. i really like the penquin and the owl

  70. The Monkey. My DD loves them

  71. monkey, panda, & giraffe 🙂 couldn’t choose just one ..
    thank you,

  72. hippo or monkey

  73. I love the monkey!

  74. I love the Panda

  75. I love the zebra!

  76. Oh, no question, the Owl!
    Thank you,

  77. the monkey

  78. Love the Peek – a – boo Tiger.

  79. I like the owl..So cute..

  80. I absolutely love the different animals, especially the giraffe! i woud love to see my little one in a shirt with these designs on them! THank you for the giveaway!

  81. Wow, adorable products!

  82. Congrats – these are so cute. I love the giraffe and or the Panda

  83. I really like the owl and the zebra.

  84. I like the Monkey one.

  85. I like the peekaboo frog

  86. I really like the frog!

  87. I Love the MONKEY…my granddaughter is 1 and she i so into monkeys. thanks for the give away.

  88. I like the giraffe!

  89. These are soooo adorable! My favourite character has to be the monkey —reminds me of my little guy! 🙂

  90. monkey

  91. I love the monkey.

  92. love the zebra or the monkey

  93. I like the Monkey; my son’s a little monkey, hehe!

  94. I like the Owl the best.

  95. Monkey!!!

  96. PENGUIN 🙂

  97. i would pick monkey because my granddaughter has a collection of monkeys

  98. I like the Monkey

  99. I love the penguin.

  100. I like the monkey

  101. The monkey is sweet ! Thanks for the giveaway !

  102. I love the monkey!

  103. I like the hippo the best.

  104. i like the polar bear.

  105. Love the giraffe!! Super cute

  106. live the panda and the zebra too

  107. Peek-a-boo owl.

  108. I love the giraffe. They are all really cute though

  109. I love the panda and penguin! Super cute! 🙂

  110. I love them all…but I think the owl is my favourite.

  111. I like the giraffe or frog!

  112. Too cute for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. I love the monkey!

  114. Peek-a-boo Tiger

  115. The Giraffe. Thanks.

  116. The giraffe is my favorite.

  117. I love the giraffe!!

  118. I like the Giraffe
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  119. The owl.

  120. Love the Zebra!

  121. January 15-I like them all, but I choose ‘Peek-a-Boo- Panda.’-

  122. The hippo 🙂

  123. These are so cute. My favourite is the owl.

  124. thsi would be for a 4 year old money or bear

  125. the monkey and giraffee are so cute. and their my daughters favorite animals

  126. love the panda

  127. I like the Zebra

  128. I can’t choose between the zebra and the panda! Both so adorable!

  129. I like the monkey!

  130. I like the monkey. Thank you

  131. I like the Peek-a-boo Owl. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  132. Giraffe, hippo, monkey are my faves

  133. They’re all so cute!! My fave would have to be the Panda or the Tiger 🙂

  134. the Peek-a-boo Giraffe is adorable!

  135. Hippo is SO cute!!

  136. The Owl

  137. I like the Tiger

  138. penguin

  139. I like the owl.

  140. I like the Penguin.

  141. I really like the owl!

  142. I really like the owl and monkey

  143. Zebra or Froggie!

  144. The little penguin!

  145. Owl is my favorite. So cute!

  146. My 2 year old would like the OWL…who, who

  147. monkey

  148. i like the hippo and monkey 🙂

  149. My daughter would love the owl the best 🙂

  150. I like the frog

  151. Love the monkey!

  152. definatly the monkey!

  153. Cute Personalized Peek-a-boo Monkey Sweatshirt for Children

  154. I would love one of these for my granson!!!

  155. love the penquin and brian the owl

  156. My mother calls her grand-daughter (my daughter) monkey since she was born.

    Thank you…Single Dad Danny

  157. The monkey!

  158. I love the giraff

  159. Owl

  160. I love the peek-a-boo frog!

  161. My fave is the Frog 🙂

  162. I love the Penguin

  163. I love the owl!

  164. I like the monkey the best.

  165. how cute

  166. Love the Peek-a-boo Tiger

  167. I like the monkey the most!

  168. The monkey or the penguin is my favorite

  169. I love the Peek a Boo Owl the most!

  170. the hippo & the zebra

  171. We like the monkey.

  172. Definetly the Monkey

  173. My favorite is the owl.

  174. Definitely the monkey 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  175. we like the owl and the frog

  176. peek a boo penguin

  177. I really like the owl 🙂

  178. The monkey for my nephew, Mason! They are all cute.

  179. I like the owl =)

  180. I love the monkey

  181. the zebra is cute

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