Tanda Me

Most of us want to have smooth, hair-free, beautiful skin at all times,  it is a simple wish but a difficult thing to achieve.

Shaving every other day is not practical and spending money on disposable razors is a total waste, plus using and disposing of all that plastic is definitively NOT eco-friendly.

Waxing results on the other hand last a bit longer than shaving but the treatments are so painful, the same with epilation. I personally find epilation very painful and the results are only  temporary.

Something that may be more permanent is laser hair removal but you need to get treatments every few weeks and you have to pay hundreds of dollars each time.  Besides, as a busy mom,  I don’t have the time to go and spend an hour or more every few weeks to get the treatments done.

Enter the Tanda me Hair Removal System. This easy to use at-home device claims to deliver permanent hair reduction by combining Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies while overcoming the safety and procedural limitations of laser and IPL devices.

About Tanda Me from their website:

The science in mē

  • A pulse of elōs (RF + IPL) is emitted for a fraction of a second.
  • The IPL energy is converted to thermal energy, heating up the hair shaft and the hair follicle.
  • The RF energy is attracted to the pre-heated follicle, heating it further and treating it, inhibiting hair re-growth.
  • The combination of 2 complimentary energies enables to deliver unprecedented safety, versatility and effectiveness for the widest range of hair and skin colours.
How to Use The Tanda me
Tanda mē can be used to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Common treatment areas include: legs, underarms, bikini, chest, back, arms and face.

1. If you are using the mē epilator or shaver accessories – there are no preparations needed!

2. If you are not using the epilator or shaver accessories then shave or shortly trim the treated area prior to using the mē

3. Select your elōs level

4. Perform elōs treatment according to the recommended times for each area

*If you have fair hair, it is recommended that you use the epilator and elōs cartridge simultaneously for best results

Is mē for you?

Check your skin and hair type
Tanda Me

The mē’s revolutionary technology is proven safe for the widest range of skin types (1 to V), effectively overcoming the safety and procedural limitations of laser and IPL devices.

How long to use mē
Tanda Me
When to use mē

Perform treatments every 2 weeks. After 6 weeks, use mē as hair appears.

Is it Safe?

Treatment with mē is the safest at-home hair removal system.
elōs technology is a unique combination of RF and IPL. Using gentle pulses of two targeted energies enables better results that can be achieved with lower overall energy output and with the highest level of safety and comfort.
You will be able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment. elōs technology offers superior results with the highest level of comfort and safety for the widest range of skin and hair colors.

Does using mē hurt?

Given that the correct elōs level was chosen according to your skin tone and the instructions were followed, using mē should NOT be painful. Sometimes, a sensation of warmness or tickle may be felt. To get accustomed to elōs energy, we advise that you make test flashes, using the lowest recommended elōs level on any part of your body below the neck. Once you are comfortable with this you can increase the elōs intensity setting.
Adding the epilator accessory to your device might add a small effect of prickling pain similar to other epilators in the market.

How much is it?

$395 and the Tanda me  is only available in Canada for now.

The Tanda me sounds good, doesn’t it?  A permanent pain-free  hair removal system that you can use in the comfort of you own home and costs a fraction of what laser hair removal costs.

I am totally intrigued and I am excited to put it to the test. I will be trying it out for the recommended 4 treatments (one every two weeks) and I’ll be sharing my thoughts with all of you after the trial. Stay tuned and wish me luck!!

Update: See my final thoughts HERE

I received the Tanda me elōs for the purpose of conducting a trial of the system. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.