Gel-a-Peel Accessory Craft Kits {Holiday Gift Idea}


When I was growing up I remember being so excited when I received crafting kits as gifts. My favourite ones were always the ones that allowed you to create a piece of jewelry. So when we received Gel-a-Peel kits in the mail the other day, it’s safe to say I was equally as excited as my daughter was.

Now the kits are recommended for ages 8+ and my daughter is 3, so  while she certainly can try and use the kits, her designs ended up being giant globs. This made it even easier for us to enjoy together, she simply provided the design ideas and I put them in motion. We created bracelets, a keychain, a hair clip and of course a new phone case for me.

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With an assortment of colours at our finger tips the combinations were endless. We had neon colours, glitter colours and my personal favourite pure gold! I loved how the kit came with different tip options for your designs. Just as if you were to ice a cake there were round tips, spike tips, start tips, etc. Should I make a mistake while designing the gel was easy to wipe off and start again. All of the gel tubes came with ends to keep the gel fresh and so it doesn’t harden in the cap. When it came to clean up time I found it easiest to remove the tip from the tube and let the gel dry in it. Once the gel was dried I simply used the cleaning tool and plucked out the dried gel.


We will most certainly be using this kit again and again and it certainly won’t be long before I am no longer needed to assist. While we don’t have any other girls on her Christmas shopping list, I will be adding Gel-a-Peel to our list of must haves for future birthday gifts in the new year.

Recommended age: 8+

Price: $16.99 – 59.99

Available at: Toys “R” Us, Indigo, Sears, Loblaws

Disclosure: A product sample has been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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Andria Milliard lives in the Fraser Valley with her husband, her daughter Hazel, her son Everett and their two fur kids, Izzy and Murray. Once Hazel became mobile the antics between her and the animals didn’t slow down, combine this with Andria’s love to share great brands and products and her blog The Cheerio Diaries was born.

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  1. Cool gift idea for my eldest granddaughter.

  2. Just bought for my grad daughter loves how creative she can be

  3. Sounds like a great craft for kids and me too. It looks like a lot of fun and girls will love the jewellery they make for their friends and themselves, 🙂

  4. My children would love this.

  5. This is so fun! I think I am a little jealous of the kids, they get so many cool items now a days!!

  6. Available at Toys R Us, that’s awesome as I’m headed there this afternoon, I want to check these out!

  7. These look so cool!! I think our girls would love creating with these 🙂

  8. This is such a neat set my granddaughter would love this !

  9. My niece would love this!

  10. What a neat idea!

  11. This is so cool and creative,the kids are going to love it !

  12. These kits look like a lot of fun. My little cousins would really love this.

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