Our 4-year-old son has a collection of superhero action figures, superhero themed books, blankets, dinner plates, tees, etc. Like most little boys his age he is into superheroes right now. The one thing he did not own yet, a customized hero action figure.

Enter HeroMe, the new unique toy that allows little ones to customize their superhero action figure and choose from a list of superpowers, looks and skills.

With HeroMe, a child’s experience includes:

· Designing their custom HeroMe Action Figure · Inventing their superhero’s story using the HeroMe Handbook · Creating adventures with their superhero

My son and I had a fantastic experience creating his own personal superhero using their website. We picked all of his unique characteristic and got it delivered at our door later! Retailing for $40 the HeroMe action figures would make a great holiday gift idea for little boys who love superheroes. You can go online an purchase a gift pack with a gift code that will be e-mailed to you and can then be sent or printed to give as a gift.


The HeroMe superhero arrived in a re-useable rocket ship box with an action manual and ID card. The handbook helps invent your hero’s story and allows for children to write about adventures they go on together. Great for older children who can write/read.

Right now his HeroME superhero is his favourite and he plays with it all the time. He even told me he wanted to have his little friends come over for a play-date so they could all play with his HeroMe. I love the idea of having something that is unique and customized for each child  and the fact that you can personalize it together with your child, allowing them to be creative.

For more information and to order a personalized superhero or purchase a gift code visit HeroMeLab.com


HeroMe, LLC is a toy company that allows consumers to create customized HeroMe Action Figures. By visiting the interactive digital platform HeroMe Lab, consumers select superpowers for the HM Action Figure. Each HM Action Figure arrives with a HeroMe Handbook, developed as an educational resource for children and a guide for consumers to invent their HM Action Figure’s story and write about new adventures. To learn more about HeroMe or create a HM Action Figure, visit HeroMeLab.com.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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