Do you have little hockey maniacs at your house? Need a last minute gift? I have the perfect solution for you, Playmobil NHL hockey! When it comes to NHL branded toys there is NOT much out there and definitely not of the same quality as you know you can expect from Playmobil.

These hockey sets are perfect for little hands and big imaginations. Both of my boys have loved using the hockey players that feature a shooting action. The fact that the players can actually shoot the puck is a ton of fun! We already had a Canucks player and goalie so it is nice to have added some other teams for them to beat (sorry Montreal and Toronto!). The players come with number stickers to personalize them to your families favourite players from the real game, or least fave players for the opposing team! Sadly when I play I never get to be Vancouver and have to suck it up and be the away team of my kids choice, it can sometimes be really hard.

Also, last year we had given our son the Zamboni and this year have added on a couple of new sets. The Score Clock with 2 Referees is the new favourite at our house! Our kids love keeping score with the push of a button. I love the little whistle that the refs have, just a cute little detail! Playmobil always goes the extra step when it comes to their attention to detail. The Stanley Cup Presentation Set has men in black suits to present the Cup to your little winner and the little men have white ‘gloves’ just like in real life. The Stanley Cup has gotten a lot of action at our house being awarded by my 5 year old for any feat that impressed him. Make his favourite dinner, BAM! you get a trophy! I don’t want to boast but I have won the Stanley Cup three times already this week. I love that kid and his imagination and these sturdy, creative toys are helping to nurture that in him.

The whole NHL series is reasonably priced and is easy to add onto later. It makes for a great last minute Christmas gift and you have a built in birthday or Easter bunny present later in the year! If your kids love hockey they will have fun adding players and accessories to build the game.

Playmobil is available at toy stores big and small.

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Playmobil. A product sample has been received for this review and all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.