Playskool Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘N Colors Turtle {Review}


By Contributor Brittany Hamilton

The Payskool Elefun & Friends Turtle has become a new favourite toy in our house! It is small and light making it easy for my littlest guy to handle. It’s about the size of a dinner plate. My guy likes that he can pick it up and play with it and he pulls it all around the floor.

We like the different settings we can put it on – music, shapes, colors. This way you don’t have to get tired of hearing the same things over and over again if your child likes to hit the same buttons. We don’t find that it is too loud or hard on the ears.  There is also an off button which comes in handy if you’re putting it away for the night and don’t want something else accidentally pushing against it throughout the night.


My daughter who is 2.5 also enjoys playing with it. She loves the light up buttons! I found my son’s favorite part is being able to hit a button while in music mode and dance along to the music. This toy will be well used in our household and I would recommend it to others looking for a new toy for their young ones as well.

Disclaimer – I have been given this product free to try. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.

Brittany is a working mom with five children in the home.  Her family is her passion and writing is her chance to unwind. You can check out her own blog where she writes about the ins and outs of a large blended family!

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10 responses to “Playskool Elefun & Friends Shapes ‘N Colors Turtle {Review}”

  1. Cute toy!

  2. Awe what a fun cute little toy! Great idea for my nephew for his birthday!!

  3. Lights, buttons, noises, music, is usually a great combo for a toy, and this one is also cute.

  4. Such a cool looking turtle! Nothing like bright colours, lights and music to make a toy fun 🙂

  5. Lights, music & colors always do the trick. Very cute toy.

  6. I thik all little one enjoy toys with lights and bright colors

  7. Anything that makes noise is a hit in our home

  8. I see my grandaughter got one last Christmas and never tired of it yet

  9. I like the options of the toy,lights, buttons, noises, music… all sure to be a hit

  10. I love Educational toys

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