Sphero Mini: Tiny Robotic Ball

We recently had the chance to try out the brand new tiny Sphero Mini robotic ball. From the makers of the Sphero 2.0, the app-enabled Sphero Mini is a fraction of the size and price of the original, but all the same fun, including some pretty cool new features.

Sphero MiniTiny Robotic Ball

The Sphero Mini weights just 46g and the boys love its small size. The ping-pong sized ball fits nicely in their small hands. Here is a photo of my 3-year-old holding it.

Sphero MiniTiny Robotic Ball

You can drive the ball using a variety of modes on your phone/tablet including Joystick, Tilt, Slingshot or Face Drive. Unique to Sphero Mini is a new way to play using facial expressions. Face Drive™ tracks expressions such as smiles, frowns, winks, head tilts and more to control the robot.  The boys both had lots of fun making faces and driving the Sphero Mini using their facial expressions.

Sphero MiniTiny Robotic Ball

The Sphero Mini’s battery charges with the included micro USB cable. To charge it you must remove the Sphero’s shell, connect the micro-B USB plug into the Mini and connect the other end into a power source, like a computer or wall charger. Then wait an hour for a full charge.

Sphero MiniTiny Robotic Ball

Sphero MiniTiny Robotic Ball

Once charged you can connect the Mini to your device using their app and start playing right away. You can now also program the Sphero Mini by downloading the Sphero Edu app and drawing, dragging blocks or text coding with Javascript.

The Sphero Mini comes with a set of tiny miniature bowling pins and cones that were a big hit with the boys. Colorful, interchangeable shells are also available in five colors; blue, green, pink, orange and white.

Sphero MiniTiny Robotic Ball

The new Sphero Mini has provided hours of fun and the boys love it so much I am thinking of getting a second one. The Sphero Mini is now available at Sphero.com and Best Buy Canada (MSRP: $69.99 CDN).

Main Features:

  • 10M Range, connect via Bluetooth
  • Charge with the included micro USB
  • LED lights glow in any color
  • Gyroscope & Accelerometer
  • Charge an hour, play for 45 minutes
  • iOS 10+ & Android 5.0+ compatible
  • Height: 42mm / Width: 42mm / Weight 46g
  • Top speed 1m/s
  • Accessories – miniature bowling pins and cones – included

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Sphero. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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