Stikbot Animation Studio {Review}

I was recently introduced to Stikbots by my eight-year-old son while we were shopping at the mall. Apparently, Stikbots are quite popular with kids in his age group and a few of his friends had them already.
As you can imagine, he jumped at the chance to review the Stikbot Zanimation Studio when it was sent to us to try.
Stikbot Animation Studio {Review}
Stikbots are small, easy-to-pose figures that you can use to create stop motion Stikbot Movies. The colourful Stikbot figures are built with suction cup hands and feet, which can stick to almost any flat surface.
You can use the free Stikbot Studio app to snap individual photos and stitch them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options. The free app is available on iOS and Android.
Stikbot Animation Studio {Review}
Stikbot Animation Studio {Review}
We received the animation studio pro that comes with 2 Stikbots, 1 Stikbot pet, 1 tripod, 2 prop boxes (blue and green), and 1 green/blue screen stage. With the green screen, you can capture photos and videos and cut and edit footage while recreating different backgrounds digitally through the app.
The box recommends StikBots for ages four and up but I think they are best geared towards children a bit older than that. Creating stop motion requires a lot of patience, and steady hands and our five-year-old was still too young to be able to create a full animation on his own. On the other hand, our eight-year-old was excited to make a movie, and he took the time posing the Stikbots carefully to get them to move into the different positions with each photo.
Stikbot Animation Studio {Review}
Stikbot Animation Studio {Review}
Stikbot Animation Studio {Review}
Below is an example of the first scene our eight-year-old shot when he first tried the app:

At first, when trying the app for the first time we were not able to find the setting to pick the background when using the green/blue screen, so we ended up watching some tutorial videos to figure it out. I appreciate that they have some great tutorials with easy to follow explanations for children. The videos explain the basics of animation and how to use the app and the Stikbots to create movies. I highly recommend having your child watch the videos before they start making their animations.
In general, I think the Stikbots are great fun if you think your child has the patience to pose and carefully move the figures while taking the individual photos. I can see our eight-year-old working on elaborate animations and making up some very creative storylines so these are perfect for him. 
For more information about Stikbots, you can visit their website HERE

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  2. these are SOOOO cool! I love that you can make movies with them and stik them where you want them. my daughter would love playing with these

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  5. These are pretty cool and I can see the kids having a lot of fun playing around and making movies!!

  6. The Stikbots are cute and they certainly foster creativity.

  7. My granddaughter laughed,sheloved the little movie, she thought it was funny that pink got kicked down!

  8. Sitkbots are way above my head, but I guess kids today are so advance they would be able to pick this up in no time. They are a great learning tool as well.

  9. My kids love StikBots – but aren’t into the animation bit yet. They love sticking them on things. My son got one of the dinos for Easter and he just loves it.

  10. I’m so excited about these! I’m sending a link to my daughter because I think her oldest would love this… if she agrees it will be perfect for his birthday! One less thing for me to figure out, LOL.

  11. This is bound to be fun for kids, they’ll love it.

  12. This would be enjoyed by my daughter. She has been talking about these.

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