DK Canada Books Spring Break Picks {Giveaway}

Spring Break is here and the boys are really enjoying their two weeks off school and all their extra free time.

We recently received a shipment from DK Canada with some great new books from their “findout!” line and it has been perfect for them to go through the new books right now. Below are our book picks this month.

DK Canada Books Spring Break Picks {Giveaway}

DKfindout! Universe

Children will find out about the universe, our solar system, observations of the starry skies, and the mind-blowing wonders of outer space.

From the birth of stars to the mysteries of black holes, the Universe has been constantly studied to understand how it works. Learn about icy planets and explosive stars, far-off galaxies that powerful telescopes looking deep into space have captured, observatories and astronomy, and whole new worlds discovered by space-exploring probes in this beautifully illustrated children’s book that is crammed with amazing facts about the universe.

Our thoughts: So perfect to introduce children to the universe, the planets and more. Lots of amazing pictures, fun facts and more!

DKfindout! Solar System

Take a trip across Mars, find out what the weather is like on Jupiter, and visit the International Space Station. See how the planets move, learn about the asteroid belt, and read up on the history of astronomy. Discover once and for all why Pluto is a dwarf planet.

DK Canada Books Spring Break Picks {Giveaway}

Our thoughts:  If your little ones are interested in learning about the solar system this is the book for them. Lots of facts again and tons of pictures. Great book to help them memorize the planet names. 

DKfindout! Robots

Celebrating STEAM, robotics, innovation, and supercool technology, explore kid inventors, robots with feelings, robotic toys and games, cyborgs, and more in this fact-packed book.

Find out how and why robots are made, how they help humans now, and how they will help us in the future. Discover how computers develop and build robots, and how engineers design robots with very specific capabilities, be it walking, jumping, exploring Mars, or defusing explosives. Written by an expert in the field, this book is a great addition to any home library, school’s robotics club book list, and classroom’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) library.

DK Canada Books Spring Break Picks {Giveaway}

Our thoughts: Introduce little ones to the world of robots and robotics with this fun book. Our 5-year-old loved flipping through the pages and seeing all the images, and our eight-year-old enjoyed reading the facts and cool information.

DKfindout! Science

Learn the differences between atoms, molecules, mixtures, and compounds; find out how plants work, and see the water cycle in action. Sure to inspire the next amazing science fair project, DK findout! Science breaks down what science is and how it works.

Find out what makes up matter, how the food chain is stacked, and how the weather works. Read about electricity and magnetism to discover how they affect our daily lives. Follow up with your own experiments, including how to make a rainbow!

Our thoughts: This book is filled with lots of amazing science facts! Interesting info and experiments that kids love.


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win both  DKfindout! Robots and DKfindout! Science books. Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with DK Canada Books. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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40 responses to “DK Canada Books Spring Break Picks {Giveaway}”

  1. They would love both the robots and solar system.

  2. Great books! My son would love the robots one.

  3. Science for us 🙂

  4. My 8 yr old would live the science book best!

  5. I think the favorite would be DKFINDOUT! SCIENCE!

  6. I know our son would love DK findout! Science 🙂

  7. The Solar System book would be a big hit with my oldest. She loves space!

  8. My granddaughter would love the robots and science books, and my grandson the robots and solar system, these are great learning books!

  9. My daughter would love the science book!

  10. I think she would love to read DK findout! Science.

  11. I think my girls would love the Solar System book.

  12. My grandsons would no doubt love to have the DKFINDOUT! ROBOTS, whereas I suspect my granddaughters would be happier with KFINDOUT! UNIVERSE or Science

  13. DK books are great for learning.

  14. I think they would really like the science book.

  15. This is tough to pick just one as my son would love the robots and the science book. Thanks for the chance.

  16. The DK Find out Science book would be perfect for my daughter. She enjoys learning about science a lot. Thanks!

  17. My daughter would love them all but she would gravitate to science first. My son would pick up robots because how cool are robots!

  18. He’d be the most interested in the Robots book.

  19. The Solar System

  20. I think my son would love all of those books!!! Especially the Science one 🙂

  21. Our grandsons would love all the books but the robot one would definitely be a favourite! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  22. We would love the DK FINDOUT! SCIENCE book

  23. Kids would enjoy robots.

  24. I would love to win and gift The Robots book to the young child living next door.

  25. I think my little one would love to read DKFINDOUT! ROBOTS!

  26. SCIENCE. Books all the way

  27. The Solar System book for us.

  28. my son would like the robot book

  29. My son would love the Science book the most.

  30. My nephew is into robots so that would be the first book he would love.

  31. i think my nephews would love the robots book. they build their own

  32. I think she would love Science the most.

  33. I think my son would like the science book best! Lots of fun.

  34. Robots or the sar system she loves them both. Greatly interested it’s so awesome these dk books are.

  35. My granddaughter loves to do experiments so I think you would enjoy the book on Science the most.

  36. My little one would love Robot. She is into coding and analyzing how things work.

  37. My Grandson would love the Robot one.

  38. I think our little Granddaughter would love the Universe book.

  39. Wonderful books, congratulations to the winner on winning a great prize.

  40. DK always has such wonderful books.

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