10 Tips to Live Better

10 Tips to Live Better
By Contributor Cher Hanusiak

1. DRINK WATER: drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach purifies the body’s internal system and cleanses the colon, which makes the body much more able to absorb nutrients from food. (1)

2. EAT WHOLE FOODS: preferably local and/or organic. Avoid buying packaged foods with ‘mystery’ ingredients; if you can’t pronounce it, don’t know what it is and wouldn’t stock your cupboards with it, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Cooking from scratch using real ingredients is always the best road to health. (2)

3. STRETCH: stretch out all the kinks on the morning, stretching increases blood flow to all your muscles, including your brain and can help keep you sharp. If you feel any part of your body is sore or tense, pay extra attention to it, don’t ignore it; stretch it out (gently and safely). (3)

4. BREATHE: don’t forget to focus on breath, a few deep breaths can make all the difference when you’re feeling tense or not focused. Take this a step further and MEDITIATE – it has been proven that meditation makes people happier and reduces stress and promotes longevity (4) (5)

5. LAUGH: whether you’re happy or sad, laughter is always the best medicine. Find something funny, find someone funny, watch a comedy, laugh at yourself and with friends or laugh at that little pug wearing a sweater. Whatever it takes, laugh and laugh some more. (6)

6. CLEAN WITH NON-TOXIC PRODUCTS: the air inside the average home is more polluted than the outside air. Don’t bring in chemical cleaners to clean your house – or your body. The best cleaners for your home are vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice; and for your body, use a plant-based soap, scented naturally without ‘fragrance’. (7)

7. BE KIND (TO EVERYONE): your kindness matters – especially when it might be hard to do – it’s disarming to a less than friendly person and it usually surprises them. A smile is contagious; refuse to be sour, even when everyone else is. (8)(9)

8. BUY LESS AND BUY BETTER: Reduce, reuse, recycle – pretend it’s your grandparent’s era and reuse what you can. Reduce your spending. Buy quality over quantity; you will be more satisfied with an item you love and that will last, instead of buying the cheap product over and over again. (10)

9. BE DEBT-FREE:  If you don’t have the cash, don’t buy it. Credit = Debt. This is a HARD lesson to learn, especially in this era of credit card ‘convenience’. A lot of retail therapy goes on these days, refer to #8 and keep it real. (11)

10. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION (including moderation): Give yourself a break. Remember to have fun and be in the moment, every moment possible.

Cher is a “striving to be greener everyday” Mom to a toddler. Her blog, EcoBravo, was started with a passion for celebrating good people, good places and good products.

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Angela V

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Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

22 responses to “10 Tips to Live Better”

  1. Lots of great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  2. lots of great tips here. I especially liked number 9, I wish more people would follow the If you don’t have the cash, don’t buy it principle, that’s how I was brought up and it has served me well. I do have a credit card for convenience but every cent it paid off at the end of the month, that is very important to me and I hope that my children have all learnt this lesson well.

    • That’s a hard lesson to learn. I wish I was taught more about money when I was young. I’m still learning and hoping to instil better habits in my kids! Good for you!

  3. Great tips, I do always try to do most of these. Number 9 is hard, because I don’t believe in credit and debt, but my fiance does and keeps spending and spending… Its so easy to get caught up….

  4. Drinking water is a must-do! I preach it to everyone!

  5. Everything in moderation, I love that as we all need to learn balance in our lives.

  6. Drink Water!-Something so common and something I have been neglecting for a while . Our family had a very stressful year in 2013 and it was very easy to get ‘off trace’ with so many health and emotional problems. We all survived and I think everyone who was involved is better, thanks to many prayers.
    Congratulations on your new baby and I imagine this is just as cute as One Smiley Monkey.

  7. These are great tips to live by. I am trying all of them.

  8. Laugh! That’s my favorite! Everyone has some sorrow, and daily stress can really build up – but if you can laugh, it really does help your outlook in general, and your ability to deal with things better.

  9. Eat whole foods. I am trying to get away from buying prepared food and making everythng we eat from ‘scratch..’- Sometimes it is so tempting just to buy something ‘easy’ to put on for lunch, etc., but usually this is not so good for one’s health.
    ps. The second baby is really cute-I think he looks very much like his sweet brother.

  10. I see my comment is still on No.1-10 Tips to live better. I have heard that it is better to drink water early in the morning-first thing-and now I know why. Thank you for this information.

  11. Tip no.2- Eat whole foods–More and more people are realizing how wholesome cooking ‘from Scratch’ food is for one’s general health and well-being. I worry about pesticides on our fruits and vegetables because these foods are brought to us from almost everywhere in the world and in different forms. Nowhere does that label say what was used. Organic foods are probably for the average family unless one grows a garden.

  12. Stretch–I have a series of Stretches that I do (but not often enough)that make me feel really good. They take about 30 minutes and are from a book by Bob Grreene. I know something about the benefits but not self -disciplined to do them more often.

  13. no.4-Breathe–This is one I will have to pay more attention to. I do not remember to take deep breaths when I am tense or upset… On the other hand, I try to meditate at some point every day and this is really good to keep me on track for my life goals.

  14. No. 5-Laugh– Laughter is so life -affirming, in my opinion. I think adults should emulate their children and laugh more. Children laugh a great deal, at least the ones I know Laughter must release endorphins because we feel so much better after a good laugh and it also seems to release tension and stress. Even our religion tells us to be joyful.(I find that each of these tips is so important that each deserves its own comment.)

  15. Clean with non-toxic Products (no.6)–I’m still working on this one. I am quite sure that chemicals kill. We grow many thousands of potatoes on our Island and use too many toxic chemicals and sprays. We have (I think) the highest rate of cancer in Canada-not something to brag about and so much sorrow to families. I look for ‘green’ cleaners and use baking soda quite often.

  16. no.7-Be Kind (to Everyone)
    Life experiences has taught me that many, people are what I call ‘walking wounded’.’ They show a social smile but are hurting badly inside This my be true of most of us at any given time and, for some, this is a longer standing sorrow.
    A smile may be the only one of a few they receive that day and kindness is never out of style.
    I think a truly compassionate person would be kind to everyone and we never know how our caring smile or words can truly help anyone.

  17. In this era of seemingly instant gratification, it seems that almost anything is disposable. \Oh for the good old days when appliances were made to last for years and years and clothes were made to last many, many washings.
    I agree that we get what we are willing to pay for an item and frugality is not a bad word.
    Ten tips to live better-no 8- Buy less and buy better.

  18. 10 Tips to Live Better-No.10- Everything in Moderation.
    Moderation is necessary for a well-balanced life.
    I think ‘Living in the Moment’ is very difficult. We forget that the living life is the journey and we seem to be always waiting for something in the future that will make all the difference while life, tin the meantime, is passing away and we are too busy to enjoy the journey.

  19. using cash for purchases can save you a life time of misery in later life

  20. Drink more water your body will thank you

  21. I was reading my comments on your tips and I think I need to read your tips more often. They are practical and need only time and self discipline to use.

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