5 T.V. Shows to Watch With Your Toddler & Kindergartener


With a strict no T.V during school days rule at home both of our boys are used to watching T.V only on Friday evenings and weekends. We do family movie night once a week, often on Fridays but many times they just watch a couple of episodes from their favourite shows.

Like most kids they love and appreciate their screen time but picking a show that they both are going to be happy to watch is not easy.  Our eldest always asks to watch LEGO and Superhero shows and our youngest is mostly interested in anything with  “Choo Choo Trains”…

Below is a list of shows we have been streaming on Netflix that they both have been enjoying lately. All good shows for both the toddler and the Kindergartener to watch at the same time:

Curious George: Who doesn’t like a curious, mistevious  little monkey!

Paw Patrol: The puppies are pretty cute and they have fun adventures and problems to solve on each episode.

Rescue Bots: Transformer robots who help fight crime and stop bad guys. This show keeps both of them entertained.

Dinosaur Train: Our eldest loves dinosaurs and our youngest loves trains. Perfect match!

Clifford: Clifford the Big Red Dog is a classic. We have the books and the boys love the short sweet episodes.

 What are your kid’s favourite T.V shows at the moment?

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Angela V

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11 responses to “5 T.V. Shows to Watch With Your Toddler & Kindergartener”

  1. Since mine are now all adults I no longer control what they watch on TV, though I often wish that I did 🙂

  2. Great shows, my kids watch all of the ones in your list too!

  3. My son really likes Curious George, but we have seen any of the other shows.

  4. My grandson is a fan of every show on your list , great shows 🙂

  5. My girl is a new fan of Paw Patrol. We’re familiar with the rest of you great selections! Totally forgot about Clifford! He was my sons favorite years ago….

  6. I love your no T.V during school days rule… Thats a great list of shows my grandkids watch most of them

  7. Great list. My boys would go crazy over any Thomas The Engine shows… And they LOVED Walking With Dinosaurs (never found them scary).

  8. Curious George is a great show! I loved the books as a kid!

  9. Clifford is such a great show. Magic School Bus and Arthur are awesome too

  10. I adored Curious George and Clifford as a kid. Adorable.

  11. Thanks for the list going to rain all week so will be craft and movies

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