Valentine’s Day Mailbox {DIY Craft}

valentine's day craft

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching many kids of all ages will be bringing little cards and treats to hand out to their friends at school, some classroom teachers help their students make little envelopes to hold the cards they receive. What about making a little mailbox?

I did this craft with my toddler in mind because we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day together as a family and she will be receiving a couple of little gifts from us. What kid doesn’t love checking the mail to see if they have received something for themselves. Making their own mailbox to have in the house is a fun way to include it in creative, and imaginative play.

The supplies you need are a little box, some masking/packing tape, scissors, a glue stick, and washi tape.


  1. Find the seam of the box and tear it open so that the cardboard lays flat. On the rectangular sides of the box trace a curved line as seen in the below photo, and trim the corners. This gives the box the curved appearance of a mailbox.
  2. Refold the box, and glue it back together. The box I used had printing on the outside, so I made sure this was on the inside of the box so that it would not be seen. You may want to reinforce it with a bit of tape. Fold together the flaps of the box and tape it shut.
  3. For the top of the box where it is meant to curve I bent the small portion of the box carefully so that it took the same curved shape, and then taped it down. The whole box will end up having tape along all of the seams to help hold it together.
  4. With scissors carefully cut a slot at the top of the box for items to go into, such as little treats, or cards. Also cut an opening at the back of the box so that there is easy access to the items inside. You can also glue an extra piece of cardboard onto it so that it is like a handle on the door. I just taped it shut with a little bit of washi tape when we decorated it.
  5. Cover the mailbox in the washi tape colours of your choice. I used gold and bright pink. I covered the whole box in pink and then outlined it in gold. I also made a simple heart design on the front out of the washi tape. Using washi tape is very easy, and forgiving. If you do not like how something looks you can easily pull it off and relay the tape down again. Once you’ve done this the mail box is complete and ready for Valentine’s Day.

I cannot wait for my daughter to come downstairs on Valentine’s Day and to see her little mailbox in the living room waiting for her. How darling would these be on the desks of students in school too?

 photo IMG_8315_zpsxsfmtmch.jpg

 photo IMG_8319_zps5wyl4y9t.jpg

 photo IMG_8327_zps976shwhy.jpg

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Tamara Goyette is a loving wife, and mother to a very determined little girl. The Fraser Valley area of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia has always been home. She loves reading a good book while curled up in a blanket, and sipping a cup of tea. Her blog is about her family, and the adventures, and activities they get up to at Discovering Parenthood.

20 responses to “Valentine’s Day Mailbox {DIY Craft}”

  1. I think your box is beautiful and a delight for any little girl. One could do the blue and gold for a boy. I had never thought of a box but it is a very nice idea. Thank you for this very original and pretty idea to make Valentine’s day special for our children.

  2. Very cute idea the kids will love.

  3. Love this! Was your daughter pleased?

  4. adorable, and fun to make! Great to have around beyond Valentines day as well….

  5. Awe the girls will love this

  6. This is such a cute V-day idea. If I were a teacher, its definitely a craft to do with the classroom.

  7. This is such a neat idea. We always have extra cardboard laying around from shipping material so I don’t see why not to attempt this! Its definitely something new and different from the usual paper bags we use.

  8. Thats cute and super easy. I like how colorful it is, and how it is just for her. One of these would be fun if her school friends lived nearby and they did it too they could deliver their valentines!

  9. so much prettier than a simple bag. Bet your daughter was in 7th heaven when she saw it 🙂

  10. this is such a great idea

  11. How cute! Sent my little one to school with a ceral box today to make a card holder.

  12. Oh I love this idea!! It would be so cute in a primary to 3rd grade class for Valentines!! Primaries or pre-K’s could decorate a box that’s been made if they can’t make the box!


  13. Cute and fun craft idea. Good way to recycle some items.

  14. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. Such a cute idea! You can do this for all holidays. For some reason, I have a monster mailbox in my head.

  16. lol the kids want to make an Easter box to leave a letter in for the Easter Bunny…

  17. The kids really enjoyed making and decorating the box they have done a few for babis shoes and purses and one for Lego pieces

  18. This is going to be our project for the weekend

  19. I loved making Valentine’s Card holders in elementary school. And it was fun mailing and receiving cards, I still love getting actual mail unless it’s bills lol!

  20. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner this is the perfect thing to make for your kids. This is a great craft project for the kids to take to school for saving all of those Valentine goodies.

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