Limited Edition bumGenius “Louis” Cloth Diaper {Giveaway}

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I love cloth diapering my children because I don’t have to deal with messy leaks, rashes or skin sensitivity and I don’t have to run to the store every few days to purchase diapers, plus my garbage bins are also NOT overflowing with dirty diapers, the best! So getting a new diaper in the mail is always exciting, especially when that new diaper is a limited edition.

louis bumgenius

I recently received a Limited Edition bumGenius “Louis” cloth diaper from Enfant Style Diapers, the exclusive Canadian distributor for this print, and I fell in love with the cute print. Here’s a bit more about this exclusive print from bumGenius:

Genius Series Prints

The limited edition Genius Series prints have been inspired by well-known geniuses. From adventurers to movie stars, each person has used their talents to leave an inspirational mark on the world.

Now presenting – Louis:

Jazz up your stash with our newest Genius Series print, Louis! Named after famous jazz musician and singer, Louis Armstrong, this charismatic print highlights a perfect harmony of instruments and music notes with a pop of Mirror, Clementine and Sassy. Louis Armstrong was an incredible musician and singer who was known for his innovative performances on the trumpet and deep, gravelly voice. He made a foundational impact in the music industry that many artists imitate to this day. Louis’ gifts led to a historical shift in jazz music. “Though the history of jazz is filled with many exceptional and innovative musicians, it is hard to find any one who has had as profound an influence on the movement as Louis Armstrong.” –

I love my bumGenius free time diapers because there is no insert stuffing required and they give me extra free time that I desperately need! Plus, they are adorable! Love all of the fun designs and cute colours. And now you will get a chance to WIN this limited edition diaper too!

Enfant Style Diapers will also be launching their new site next week. Be sure to visit them:


Win it: One lucky US or CAN reader will win a Limited Edition bumGenius “Louis” Cloth Diaper – Elemental from Enfant Style Diapers ($29 value)- Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck everyone!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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125 responses to “Limited Edition bumGenius “Louis” Cloth Diaper {Giveaway}”

  1. I love the money we save!

  2. i enjoy cloth diapering as I have way less trash to take out each week!

  3. I love cloth diapering because it has saved us so much compared to disposables. Though I am becoming a bit hooked and my stash of cloth is growing. I adore this diaper and would love to add it to my fluff collection. My grandad ordered music and it seems my daughter is a lot like him with her love of music. This is basically my daughter summed up in a print on a diaper.

  4. i have only been cloth diapering for a week and I love it- so easy, great for the environment and he just looks so cute!!

  5. I like the green aspect of cloth diapering and the cute prints!

  6. Love the Louis Print and the AIO’s… makes like so easy.

  7. The savings is always great!

    BG is one of our all time favorite diapers. The fit is amazing, as is the quality!

  8. I like how much you save using cloth.
    These ones have a really nice shape to them.

  9. I love cloth diapering because it’s good for baby’s bum and it has saved us a ton of money plus they are sooooo cute on and don’t have that awful disposable diaper smell!

  10. I can’t wAit to start cloth diapering with my 8’week old son , love the print!

  11. I love saving money and how cute they are!

  12. haven’t tried a BG yet, this print is fabulous!!!

  13. I love being able to spend that money on other things we need or want like more cloth diapers or wraps for baby

  14. I love how adorable they are and knowing they are healthier for him.

  15. I love everything about cloth diapering! I love how cute they are, how good they are for the environment, how soft they are on baby’s skin, and that I don’t have to do last minute runs to the grocery store to buy more:)

  16. I love everything! The cute prints, how much better they are for children, and how much better they are for the planet!

  17. I love cloth diapering for the cute prints, budget friendly and how eco-friendly it is!

  18. love to save money and do it the old fashioned way. thankyou, ken

  19. I love how I am lessening our carbon footprint while saving money at the same time!

  20. I am excited to try cloth diapers to see if I mind using them over disposable.

  21. I love cloth diapers as they are so very cute and the fact that it costs way less than disposable. Really wish I would of started cloth diapering with my first baby instead of my 4th and last.

  22. It just seems like a waste of money whenever I throw out a disposable diaper. I much prefer to throw a cloth one in the wash instead!

  23. I’m excited to start cloth diapers because it’s so much better for the environment and for my babies’ skin. As a bonus, cloth diapers are so cute too!

  24. Love this diaper!

  25. What I liked the most about cloth diapers was that they are so much better for the environment and they did not irritate my children’s bottoms.

  26. I’d love to try out a bumgenius cloth diaper!

  27. I like that cloth diapers are gentler on baby’s bum.

  28. i like that they don’t give my baby a rash, like disposables do!

  29. I cloth diapered 6 of my 7 children, mainly to save money. I love the cloth diapers they have these days and if I was lucky enough to win, this would be for my granddaughter in Australia. This is my daughter’s 2nd child and she cloth diapers both. Another 3 of my children with their own youngsters all use throw aways.

  30. What’s not to like?! I love the cute prints, how adorable big fluffy bums look in leggings, the amount of money I save every month by cloth diapering my two toddlers, and of course the amount of garbage I’m keeping out of the landfill 🙂

  31. I like cloth because it’s cute, healthier and makes less waste.

  32. Looking forward to trying cloth and being green/thrifty.

  33. I love saving money and protecting baby skin from harmful toxins!

  34. I’m excited to try cloth diapers to save money and the environment!

  35. They just look so cute on my son!

  36. I’m excited to try cloth diapering because of the skin sensitivity issues from disposables, the cost savings, and the cute patterns!

  37. I am excited to try cloth because they’re better for my baby, better for the environment, better for my bank account, and they are SO much cuter! 🙂

  38. I love cloth because it is way cuter than disposables and better for the environment, duh!!!

  39. I love the money saved while using cloth diapers.

  40. i love the money we save

  41. I love that it says m money!

  42. I love the cute prints!

  43. I love that I never have to make a midnight diaper run!

  44. I love the adorable prints and the fact that I can just wash them and use them again.

  45. I like saving money best, though it’s hard to pick only one reason.

  46. I love that they are better for the baby than plastic disposables. I love love the money we are going to save with starting out with cloth diapers!

  47. I like the cost savings.

  48. I love the cost and ability to use on multiple kids

  49. I haven’t thought much about using them for my Lo but maybe I should give them a try.

  50. I love the cuteness of cloth diapers and dh loves the money we save!

  51. So much less waste!

  52. I love the money we save, and of course all the cute fluff that’s out there.

  53. i lie the fact that they are eco friendly, and money saving.

  54. I love how cute they are and how much money I save!

  55. I love how cute they are and how much money we save.

  56. I am excited to try cloth diapers because it will be healthier for my baby and we won’t ever run out to the store in the middle of the night!!

  57. I’m so excited to try cloth diapers this time around. To save money. to introduce my baby to less chemicals and to limit our impact on the environment

  58. I am excited to try cloth diapers because I think it’s the best thing I can do for my baby’s health, for my wallet, and for the environment!

  59. It saves money, is better for baby and they are so cute!

  60. My mom used cloth diapers when I was a baby and I’m excited to do the same. Plus, being gentle on the environment is very important to me.

  61. Love less chemicals!

  62. I like that they put less chemicals on my baby’s skin.

  63. I’m excited to use cloth diapers because they’re cute and environmentally friendly!

  64. I love saving money with cloth diapers!

  65. Saving money, all the cute styles, and of course not having to run to the store just for diapers.

  66. I love the frugality of it, and of course the cute fluffy butts! So much cuter than sposies!

  67. I love how cute and how much money they save over time.

  68. I love the cuteness and the fact that we’re saving tons of money!

  69. I love saving money and not having all that garbage to add to the landfill.

  70. I looooove their reliability. What Mom puts their babes in white shorts in the summer? Ohhh cloth diapering moms because nothing is coming out of those fluffy bums! 😀

  71. I love happy, healthy, cute fluffy bums!

  72. I have my first baby on the way and can’t wait to try out cloth diapering on him. Love the design of this diaper!!

  73. Love louis! Too cute.

  74. I have not used cloth diapers yet, but after having 2 kids in disposable diapers at the same time, I’m ready to try something new. I’m currently pregnant with my 5th child so I’m hoping to build up my stash before my little one arrives.

  75. i like saving money

  76. I love that they are good for the baby and the environment.

  77. They are good for my son’s sensitive skin

  78. I like that I am independent of having to go to the store whenever diapers runout

  79. Ahh this print is super cute!!!

  80. I love that my little one doesn’t have a continual rash!

  81. I love how cute cloth diaper prints are as well as how much less expensive they are compared to disposable diapers! The fact that they’re better for the environment just puts the icing on the cake for me!

  82. I love how much money we save, the lack of chemicals, and how cute they are!

  83. My daughter has extremely sensitive skin, so cloth diapers are the best route for us and I love them!

  84. I love saving money and cute fluffy bums

  85. I’m new to cloth diapering but excited to try it out with my first little one due next month! I’m most excited about the cost savings and health benefits for baby and the planet.

  86. I love the cost savings and reduced waste.

  87. I love all the cute prints.

  88. I LOVE that I am helping the earth 🙂

  89. Helping to save the environment is what I like most about cloth diapering. Also a fluffy bum is irresistible.

  90. I love the fact that I get to keep my baby in natural fibers.

  91. I love the money we save

  92. I love using cloth, I have been using cloth on my son (4th baby) since he was about 3 months, he has really sensitive skin and eczema so it is the only thing that works well for him, but it is much easier than expected and I wish I had used it with my others! It has become a obsession for me, we live in FL and I love that they are cute enough to wear without pants!

  93. the fun colors of the diapers and of course the money you save!!

  94. Better for baby and the environment! And Louis is sooooo cute!!

  95. Not only is it easier on the environment and the pocket book, but i do believe it a healthier more comfortable option for my baby. I love this print! Im a musician and would love to see this print on my boy!

  96. I like the really cute prints!

  97. I love using cloth diapers because they are much more healthy for my little one.

  98. I love bumgenius diapers!!

  99. I love how much money we save, how my son has never had a rash in cloth, and how cute a fluffy bum is!!

  100. They are cute and save me money

  101. Would love to be able to try this.

  102. I love that they have no chemicals – unlike disposable

  103. I love keeping chemicals off of my baby and trash out of the landfill!

  104. We’re so excited to use cloth when this LO comes! It saves so much money, and they’re so darn cute!

  105. I like the money savings.

  106. I don’t use cloth since I don’t have a baby, but my sister uses them for my nephew and they’re so adorable! I love all the cute patterns and designs.

  107. Looking forward to trying cloth diapers.

  108. I love the cuteness factor, and I love that cloth can be such a great way to save money.

  109. so excited to try to clear a rash & of course, the cuteness!

  110. I can’t wait to save money!

  111. I save so much money by cloth diapering. It’s great for the environment and I like to keep as many chemicals off the bum as possible

  112. I like the print on this diaper.

  113. I am new to cloth diapering, but I like that it’s better for my baby that disposables and it saves me money

  114. I like not having blow outs like I have with disposables.

  115. I’m excited to try cloth because they are eco friendly and have so many cute and fun prints!

  116. What I like most is knowing that I am not adding to the landfill.

  117. I love how cute and soft they are, and no stinky chemicals.

  118. I love everything about it – cute, chemical free, budget friendly (sometimes) 🙂

  119. i like how cute they look on a tooshie.

  120. my sis is adopting a little one and i would love for her to try cloth diapers!

  121. I’m so looking forward to the birth of our first baby and getting to try out different cloth diapers!

  122. we’ve been cloth diapering for a couple weeks now and aside from how much money we’re saving, i love mixing and matching all of my inserts and different types of prefolds with different covers and pocket diapers. i have a lot of fun experimenting :p

  123. I like NOT throwing pounds of plastic and waste into the trash each week!

  124. I’m excited about producing less trash! and also saving money – as long as I control myself!

  125. I love that cloth diapers aren’t filling our landfills. I also don’t have to worry about my baby having a reaction to the diapers.

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