My Top 5 Tips for Chocolate (aka Valentine’s) Day!

chocolate day
I love chocolate as much as the next person (ok maybe more) but I think when we’re talking enjoyment, moderation is key.

Have I lost you?

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I think you can enjoy chocolate even more without the sugar crash!

  1. Get the good dark stuff. It’s worth it: you’ll be more satisfied with less and it’s packed with flavonoids. Shoot for 70%+ or more cocoa. The closer you can get to a natural food the better.
  2. Enjoy it. Don’t mindlessly scarf handfuls of Purdy’s right out of the box while reading People magazine and watching The Bachelor. Sit down and enjoy every bite. Ten chocolates taste no better than one chocolate.
  3. Eat it straight up. You’d be surprised by how much chocolate you consume when it’s covering fruit. I say, just eat the fruit alone and then eat chocolate unfiltered.
  4. Don’t bring it into your kitchen if you don’t want to eat it. Gifted a Costco sized box of high-fructose-corn-syrup flavored wax? Bring it into the office and not into your cupboard.  Even the garbage is a better place for it than your tummy.
  5. Modeling moderation and enjoyment of food is important for our kids in developing their own healthy approach to eating. Food is not just about physical health, but a big part of culture and enjoyment in life. There are no guilt foods. As my daughter says, “Chocolate is yummy. Too much chocolate is yucky.”

Happy Valentine’s Chocolate Day!

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Allison Tai is mother to two young girls, Amelita and Seren. She is also an elite obstacle course racer and fitness coach. You can find her blog at where she muses about her life as an athlete, and her life as a mom.

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35 responses to “My Top 5 Tips for Chocolate (aka Valentine’s) Day!”

  1. This post on ‘My top 5 tips for Chocolate aka Valentine’s Day’ is rather like a ‘two-edged’ sword. We may eat chocolate but only if it it 70% cocoa and one knows that this percentage is not nearly as good as a handful of milk chocolate chips.
    Just sayin…

    • Nothing wrong with a few chocolate chips either 😉

  2. I definitely resonate with what you said about Purdy’s. I have the worst habit of downing multiple chocolates whenever I have an assorted box, without enjoying them. Happy Chocolate’s Day!

    • I think we all do!

  3. I don’t like the dark stuff, nor the semi they both taste bitter to me. I’m all for milk or white chocolate 🙂

    • Everything in moderation!!! You have to eat what tastes good for you!

  4. I’ve lost my sweet tooth since having my baby girl, weird and sad, I know….

    However, those rare occasions that I do enjoy some chocolate, I don’t hold back. And don’t even get me started on chocolate pretzels…

    • Lucky you! And yes on chocolate pretzels!

  5. Moderation is key. Such good tips. I happen to be one of those people who dont hold back. Lol

    • Exactly!

  6. I totally agree get the best. Green and Blacks has a lovely dark chocolate that I love.

    • Yummmmmm! Agreed!

  7. The darker the chocolate the better I like it

    • Me too.

  8. We love dark chocolate, when I started giving my children chocolate it was always %70 -%80. Their taste buds now prefer the healthier over the junky kind.

    • I have one of those 90% bars in my cupboard and I gave some to my toddler hoping that she’d never want any of my stash again. She loved it!

      • hahahah love that Alli!

  9. You lost me at moderation!! lol I love chocolate and way too often 1 just isn’t enough!!! Can’t wait for after Chocolate Day sales!! 🙂

    • Haha! Cute!

  10. Great Tips, I do follow some of them, but not always. I only buy semi sweet chocolate.. Although I should buy unsweetened so I have some to use in my baked goods.. I know hubby wouldnt eat it and I would still have it left.

    Happy Chocolate Day!!

    • That sounds like a win!

  11. Great tips! I’ve been watching my sugar consumption, so this would help 😉 Happy Chocolate Day!!!

    • Way to go! A little goes a long way right?

      • exactly! that’s what my dietitian taught me 🙂

  12. Awesome tips! It’s a good thing I actually prefer the flavor of extremely dark chocolate.

    • I’m with you! Might be an acquired taste but I couldn’t agree more!

  13. OMG the chocolate tasted so good on Saturday

    • Yes it did!! Yum!!

  14. we’re a little hooked on dark chocolate covered pretzels….we’ve been making them a little too often lately.

    • I think you’re on up if you making them yourself though 😉

  15. Just waiting on Easter now for my next chocolate fix…lol

  16. I’m still having some battles with chocolate. One thing is that I try to eat less and that less often. I try to just eat a little really good chocolate and that seems to be working for me. I am really trying to not eat it mindlessly but to savor a bit and it does seem to be working.

  17. I cant believe its almost that time again….oh the chocolates

  18. when you talk chocolate your talking my talk

  19. I am in complete agreement when it comes to quality over quantity. I am a HUGE Purdys fan and would rather have one of their small boxes over a large box of the department store stuff any day!

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