At 3-years-old my son really loves creative role-playing and dressing up in costumes. One day he is a firefighter and the next he is Batman, Spider-Man or a Superman. He loves superheros and his room is filled with superhero themed toys, he even has Batman PJs and a hoodies with bat ears. He is my very own little superhero!

We are still trying to figure out what he is going to be wearing for Halloween this year and some of his top costume choices are obviously superhero related. Isn’t Halloween fun when you have children? It’s really exciting to plan and figure out what the little ones are going to be wearing.

If you also have a little superhero or a little princess at home then be sure to check out the new Kinder® Surprise® Disney Princess and Marvel Heroes toy collections from Kinder Egg.  Two in three eggs within specially-marked Kinder® Surprise® packages will contain a Limited Edition toy!

Kinder Egg

My son loves Kinder Eggs and he is always super excited to get the little surprise inside. I can’t wait for him to find a little Spiderman, Thor or Ironman, he is going to be very excited and we will be collecting them all.

What are your children’s favourite Disney Princess/Marvel Superheroes? Visit the KINDER® Facebook page to vote for their favourite!


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