Sneaking in TV “Me-Time” When You Are A Mom

 “Me-Time” is ever elusive when you are a parent. I don’t remember the last time I had a full cup of coffee in the morning while sitting down, as I am always rushing around and often forget about my coffee.

No matter how difficult, downtime is desperately needed and there are some major benefits to taking a little time to do something you love. Do you ever have time to sneak some Stream Time into your day? I know sometimes it can be nearly impossible, but I am sharing an infographic with some of the tops reasons why you should get your Netflix time in!

Sneaking in TV “Me-Time” When You Are A Mom

I get my Streat Time to watch my favourite shows, including OITNB and Bloodline when I work out. I love running on the treadmill or stretching while watching. I am often more relaxed and happier after a good work out and catching up on my shows.

Sneaking in TV “Me-Time” When You Are A Mom

How do you get your stream time “me time” to watch your favourite Netflix shows at home?

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Netflix. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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7 responses to “Sneaking in TV “Me-Time” When You Are A Mom”

  1. now that summer camp is in session, I get my mornings to myself, been a few years…

  2. 24 hrs a day is me-time for me now that my 7 are all adults and out of the house. 🙂

  3. Netflix is definitely my favorite “me time” activity as well. I love Jessica Jones.

  4. best me time ever!!! I usually dont indulge in my netflix until the weekends, at night when my daughters have gone to bed. occasionally my hubby and i will watch an episode during the week but Sunday night is usually for the shows and fri and saturday night for the netflix movies. What do you think of Bloodline? i have watched all the episodes now and miss it. was my fav show. same with Riverdale and stranger things

  5. I fully agree me time is so important. I got the hubby to watch the kiddos so I could get me time in. Remember it is only a season and then they are grown and gone.

  6. “Me” time is so important to recharge.

  7. We actually cancelled my Netflix subscription at one point because we were too busy to use it enough for it to be worth it! We have better time management now that my daughter is older, and I can sneak a bit of “me time” in. I too love watching Netflix when I work out – it keeps me “distracted” and I end up working out longer.

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