Yamaha Kids Music Education {January Update}

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Our 4-year-old son is now four months into the ten month Yamaha Music Canada School piano program at the Tom Lee Music Learning Centre in downtown Vancouver. We started the new term with a new set of books and DVDs and ready to start using both hands to play simultaneously.

Returning to school and to his regular lessons after the holiday break has been wonderful, I personally enjoy getting back into the routine and having set schedules and I know my son craves the stimulation as well.

During the holiday break we had a few days when it was difficult to keep him entertained, especially during some of the cold rainy days,  I found that spending 10-15 minutes doing some piano practice was a nice fun activity for all of us and he was usually happy to sing his favourite songs.

During our piano practice time I am focusing on letting him choose the songs he wants to practice, I find he is much more receptive and eager to learn and practice when he gets to choose them himself.

One of our goals for the new term is to take the time for some extra piano practice everyday, I believe that even a short 5 minutes of practice can help, I have already noticed some big improvements with the extra practice! We have also been discussing the possibility of hiring a piano instructor for private lessons for once a week to supplement the classes and practice time at home, we will wait to see how things continue and go from there.

Be sure to stay tuned for our next monthly update!

Yamaha Education Growth Initiative

The Yamaha Education Growth Initiative (EGI) is a rebate that works as a credit towards music lessons with the Yamaha Music Education System When you purchase a new Yamaha product from now until February 28, 2015, you qualify for a lesson tuition credit towards the Yamaha Music Education System group lessons. For example, if you were to buy a brand new Yamaha Grand Piano, you would get $500 to put towards group lessons with the Yamaha Music Education System.

There are a variety of instruments that apply, including drums, guitars, brass and wodwinds, each with their own level of rebate. I love how they are helping make lessons attainable for more families! Find more details and their full brochure HERE.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Yamaha Music Canada Brand Ambassador program on behalf with Mom Central Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. He is young and it sounds like he is doing well, well done!

  2. I am so happy he is doing well.

  3. Sounds a lot different than my experience with piano lessons ha ha! Kep up the good work!

  4. Glad he is doing well! And that is a really good idea letting him choose his own songs to practice!

  5. We usually excel at things we enjoy,he seems to enjoy playing very much

  6. Great progress. I have a keyboard laying around the house, a really decent one too. I should introduce our 4 year old to it. Hed love it!

  7. Some of my grandchildren were involved in a program called ‘Music for Young Children.’ They meet with a teacher once a week and slowly are brought along to be able to play and sing songs. They usually go for four years and then transfer to the music teacher of their or their parent’s choice. The girls have done exceptionally well. The boys do well until they become involved in hockey and this usually takes over their time and interest.. These children start at age 4 as well. Practise is very important.

  8. I love the deal you get for buying their piano. Definitely encourages music.

  9. Practice makes perfect 🙂 Glad he’s enjoying it

  10. That’s great that he is making progress! I think that music is so crucial for development and it’s great that you’re exposing him to instruments early on.

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