Our 4-year-old son is now seven months into the ten month Yamaha Music Canada School piano program at the Tom Lee Music Learning Centre in downtown Vancouver. Now with only a few months left of his first year of piano lessons it’s the perfect time to reflect on his progress.

When we started piano lessons back in September we had no idea what to expect. He was turning four in October so he was one of the youngest children in his class. It was also the first time we were taking more serious music lessons after taking mommy and me music classes at our local community centre when he was a toddler.  His Dad was going to the classes with him for the first couple of months.

At the beginning our son was struggling to keep up with the class, he was having a hard time concentrating and our practice at home was not the best. We would practice once or twice a week and he would not be too interested in playing the piano. Most of the other kids in his class were advancing and we started to think maybe piano was too much for him.

We decided to switch things a bit and I started going to piano lessons with him, piano was new for me as well and it was interesting to learn everything with him. As the months went by we started to notice a change in attitude and he was getting better at playing the piano. I remember speaking to his teacher about how sometimes everything “clicks” into place and little ones start thriving in the classes, something to do with their physical ability and maturity levels.  I truly believe this was key with our son.

In the past months he has improved so much! He is actually now playing all of the songs in his lesson book with both hands and he is really enjoying it. He loves playing the piano and asks to play it multiple times a day. Practice is a lot of fun because he is excited about it and we practice daily. Just last Saturday at the end of the class his teacher told us how proud she was of him, she has seen him improve so much from day one.

We are extremely proud as well and excited to see him thriving and really enjoying his lessons. As re-registration for year two has begun we are seriously considering enrolling him in year two. It is just wonderful to see how his concentration has improved and his physical ability to play the piano is amazing compared to what it was months ago.

We also really like the Yamaha teaching method, the child-friendly songs used in the course and the materials. It is very beautiful to sit and listen to him play the songs he has learned, seriously priceless!

Thinking about piano lessons for your child? Registration begins April 8 for beginner- level musicians  and you can find out next steps and dates of re-registration at the Tom Lee Music Academy in Vancouver HERE.  For those of you who may attend a Yamaha Music School in another location or an affiliated dealer school, visit HERE to find out more information about re-re-registartion in your area.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Yamaha Music Canada Brand Ambassador program on behalf with Mom Central Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.