5 Tips For Staying Healthy Over The Winter


Oh, Christmas season. It is upon us in full force and before we know it (just over one week!) it will be Christmas. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be easy to get run down and thus pick up germs and nasty winter bugs more easily. And since no one wants to be sick at Christmas, it’s important we try to stay as healthy as possible.

Last winter in mid-December, my immune system was lowered due to being pregnant and I ended up catching my son’s flu bug. It had me bed-ridden for days and ended up turning into a bad sinus infection as well as bronchitis. It was not fun! Needless to say, Christmas was pretty quiet last year. This year, we’ve had a bug running through our home, but I’m determined for all of us to be healthy and happy by the time Christmas arrives. And since winter can tend to be cold and gray, my hope is for us to all get outside together as a family for fun activities as much as we can. Whether it’s a winter hike, skating, or even just playing in the snow, being outside and getting that fresh air is so important.

Here are our 5 best tips for avoiding all the germs that come around over the winter season. Or at the very least, these tips will help decrease the length of any cold or flu bug you do catch.

  1. Drink lots of water. Although it can some times be a pain to do, this point is often overlooked. The simple act of drinking water can help rid our body of toxins and flush anything bad out.
  2. Take Vitamin C. Daily. Make sure you’re taking your daily vitamin C to help ward off the germs and keep your body healthy.
  3. Stock up on Vitamin D. Many of us don’t get enough sun in the winter and even if we do, those of us in the northern hemisphere aren’t close enough to the sun to get adequate amounts of vitamin D. This essential vitamin will help boost our immune system and give us a better chance at staying healthy.
  4. Exercise. It’s amazing what physical activity does for our bodies, getting things moving and keeping us healthy. Try to get moving every day, even if it’s a brief walk or a short yoga session.
  5. Get Outside. I know, this can be tricky when it’s freezing outside, but fresh air is so, so good for us, even if it’s bitterly cold. Take a brisk walk to warm up your body temperature or invest in a winter hobby like skiing or snowshoeing. Play outside with the kids – build a snowman, go tobogganing, and have fun while being outside.

How do you stay healthy during the winter?

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Megan Powell is the mom of two – a wildly imaginative preschooler and a baby girl – as well as a writer, editor and blogger. She writes about healthy, eco-friendly, natural family living on her blog HEN Family (www.henfamily.com), sharing information, tips and products with her readers, and also contributes to other publications on various topics.

10 responses to “5 Tips For Staying Healthy Over The Winter”

  1. They are all great tips you have posted to help us stay healthy and bug free over the winter,i hope you all stay welll over the holidays and enjoy the blessings you have.

  2. Good to see I am doing all of those tips!

  3. my family definitely needs to drink more water but more important get outside more.

  4. I knew i coud not make it through the holidays without getting something…woke this morning with a wicked pain between my eyes oh ya here it comes sinus infection

  5. Good tips. It’s brutal when you have a cold, especially during the Christmas season

  6. Easy, simple and common sense tips… Also washing your hands or sanitizing them after touching public surfaces.

  7. thank you for the tips, I hate when my kids get sick!!

  8. We fianlly had a drop of the white stuff its everywhere these tips are coming in handy now

  9. My daughter’s children (my grandchildren) always get sick during the fall and winter and every year for the past 5 they have been sick at Christmas, don’t know why. They take vitamins, they are active they change their furnace filter and have had the ducts cleaned. I guess it is just back to school with too many germs floating around

  10. I really like your very sensible tips for staying healthy over the winter. I try to exercise nearly every day and eat healthy most of the time. I have been neglectful of my vitamin C this past winter so I am happy to be reminded to take it. I do eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I am a fairly healthy person,except for sinus episodes.

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