Calling All Super Moms: Do You Take Care of Yourself Before Caring for Others?

I watched the Just a Little Heart Attack video today and I knew I had to share it.  I have been busy and stressed before while taking care of everything/everyone else and forgetting about myself.  I know many super moms out there that are the same and they have even less time  since they work outside of their homes.  So really  just remember to take a few minutes of your day no matter how busy it is and think about your own health! 

Too often, women don’t realize they are suffering from a heart attack and wait too long to get help. Find out the signs of a heart attack or stroke here and share this link with other women in your life.

Remember you can’t take care of other people if you don’t take care of yourself first! Just like when you are on a plane and they go through the safety announcements, you must put your oxygen mask on BEFORE assisting others. Stay safe mommas!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. No compensation was provided and I am not affiliated with the American Heart Association, I just simply want to share the message. 

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12 responses to “Calling All Super Moms: Do You Take Care of Yourself Before Caring for Others?”

  1. This reminds of my mom who had died of a heart attack at an early age. There were 10 of us…

  2. Lola and Jamie, sorry to hear that! May your mom rest in piece Jamie!

  3. This would be my mother right on the nose. She’s refused surgery to take care of others. Luckily I’m old enough to make her take care of herself.

  4. interesting to watch, I have never seen a Young healthy looking person portrayed as a Heart attack victim. Well done.

  5. Honestly, it’s HARD to do that, but I DO try to carve out some ME time at least once a week. It’s better for everyone that I do.

  6. So many of us women are guilty of this aren’t we? I know my mom was and I know I am from time to time!

    Thanks for this!

    • Yes I guess we really are Anna

  7. This is SO true – we have to be aware of ourselves, first. However, the sad fact is that many women going to the ER with heart attack symptoms are not taken seriously as cardiac emergencies by the ER personnel. Too often, women’s symptoms are quickly assumed to be “PMS”, “hormonal”, or “menopause-related”. Wake up, RNs and MDs!

  8. it does not have to be a lot.some little time oneself to recoup.for me personally I use to think was the glue that has been holding everything and everyone up forever and that if im not there 24/7 all will collapse.not so.they have been taught well by me.of course they’ll be fine. its taken years to figure this out.

  9. Interesting video

  10. This is the life of many woman I know…..super busy

  11. There is no set age for a Heart Attack they happen everyday to adults and even the occasion child or teen if you want to see your kids grow up get organized and take care of you

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