Can you believe December is starting at the end of the week? With the holiday chaos and holiday season stress of activities, parties, events, and excited kids running around, it’s time to sneak in some TLC just for you.

Get ready for our Self-Care Advent Calendar—a daily dose of goodness for 12 days to keep you sane and smiling through December.

A Mom's Self-Care Advent Calendar Guide for a Stress-Free December!

  • Day 1: Slow Sip & Deep Breaths:  Take a few minutes for your morning coffee or tea. Sip it slowly, breathe deep, and remind yourself: you got this!
  • Day 2: Kid-Interrupted Gratitude: Grab a notebook between kid demands and jot down three things you’re grateful for. Even if it’s just that extra cup of coffee, it counts!
  • Day 3: Gadget-Free Fun: Hide your phone for an hour and reclaim your time. Maybe pick up a book you have wanted to read for a while.
  • Day 4: Treat Yo’Self Day:  Hide in the pantry and snag a treat. Chocolate, a cookie—whatever your secret stash holds.
  • Day 5: Bubble Bath Bonanza: When the kids are down, fill the tub and soak away the chaos. Bonus points if you get through a chapter of that book you’ve been eyeing.
  • Day 6: Fresh Air Time: Venture outside for a crisp walk. Fresh air is so essential, and walking alone is reinvigorating. 
  • Day 7: You Rock, Mama!: Jot down a few “heck yeah!” affirmations. Maybe even share them with the kiddos. Positive vibes all around!
  • Day 8: Hobby Revival: Dig out that knitting project or dusty guitar. Spend a few moments on something that makes your heart happy.
  • Day 9: Social Media Sneak Break: Stealthily scroll through your favourite social media while the kids are occupied. A quick digital escape is practically a spa day.
  • Day 10: Mindful Munchies: Take a break from the chaos to savour a meal. It’s like a mini vacation for your taste buds.
  • Day 11: Dance Party: Crank up your favourite songs and have a kitchen dance party. The mess can wait—let loose and shake off the stress.
  • Day 12: Mom’s Year-End Pow-Wow: Reflect on your many mom achievements this year. Pat yourself on the back and make some fun goals for next year.

High five, Mama! You did it—you survived December with a smile and a bit of self-love.

Carry that incredible energy into the new year because you deserve all the good vibes.

Here’s to you, the queen of the chaos, and to a chill and joyful December!

You got this, Mama!