Sharing the Joy of Warmth

As temperatures are slowly dropping in Vancouver, and we are getting close to the winter months, we have stored all of our light rain jackets, and the boys are now wearing their winter coats to school every morning. Soon enough we will be wearing gloves and hats to stay warm when walking to school.

Having the proper winter gear to stay warm is extremely important for children to be able to enjoy outdoor activities safely and whenever they have to spend time outside.

Sharing the Joy of Warmth

Having winter jackets and being able to afford the right clothes to keep your children warm during the winter may not be something we have to worry about, however, for some Canadian families-in-need, warm winter clothing often comes second to providing the basics. This is why the Quaker® brand is working with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to provide new winter coats to children from families in need so they can feel the #joyofwarmth.

During the month of November, when you share the hashtag #JoyOfWarmth and tag @QuakerCanada on your public Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, Quaker will provide a bowl of warm oatmeal to a child-in-need at Boys and Girls Club locations across the country, to a maximum of 100,000 bowls.

Our boys love playing outside, even when it is cold, so I can’t imagine having to worry about them not being warm or simply not allowing them to play outside because they don’t have the right clothing for the weather.

Sharing the Joy of Warmth


It is easy to help support Canadian families in need so they can stay warm during our cold Canadian winter. Staying warm is something children shouldn’t have to worry about and proper winter clothing should be available to everyone.

For more information on how the Quaker® brand is working with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, and to find out about other ways to help, visit

Sharing the Joy of Warmth

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by  Quaker®. However, all views and opinions are 100% my own.

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17 responses to “Sharing the Joy of Warmth”

  1. What a great campaign. I will use the hashtag!

  2. We are so lucky that we don’t have to worry about staying warm in the winter. And if we can help others, we should

  3. So important and a really heart warming campaign. Let’s get all 100,000 bowls out there!

  4. This is such a great campaign. I hate to think of little ones battling a cold Canadian winter without a warm coat. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Seriously so thankful that Idont have to worry about being warm anymore!! I cant wait to share my photos using the #joyofwarmth hashtag!

  6. I love this program and try to help out every year if I can

  7. This campaign means alot to many fanilies and individuals out there. Its so touchy to read about the reality of #joyofwarmth

  8. I remember growing up there was a breakfast program at our school and how much it helped so many kids. Love that Quaker is supporting families in need!

  9. oh i love this! way to go Quaker. such a great campaign

  10. A great campaign that I’ve not heard of before. I’ve posted on FB.

  11. Great idea and a very informative post, so important to help those in need!

  12. This campaign is so well-suited to the Quaker brand. When I think of Quaker, I think of warm and cozy.

  13. This is such a generous campaign 🙂 I love seeing brands do stuff like this.

  14. Such a good cause! I always donate winter coats and mittens/scarves to various charities every year. I had a friend when I was in elementary school who always wore a thread-bare winter coat; she froze and was always sick. Each year, she would grow and still wore the same jacket. I would always give her my mittens and scarves, but her family would get mad at her. So I watched her freeze. I think of her every year at this time of year…

  15. Quite the meaningful initiative, everyone needs warmth and food!

  16. Great cause.

  17. I love when I see companies doing things like this! I often wonder though what people must think of us – our daughter refuses to wear a coat! It drives me crazy, but when I was forcing it, she was just taking off as soon as she got around the corner. I’m always hot too so I get it, but I just know people think we’re neglectful, lol!

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