10 Signs You Have Found The Perfect "Mom Friend"

Motherhood can be lonely at times so having good girlfriends and more specifically mom girlfriends makes all the difference.  Here’s a list of 10 Signs You Have Found The Perfect “Mom Friend”, if you have be sure to appreciate her because you are a very lucky mommy!

  • You can send her a text at 4 a.m. and know you will get a reply because she is probably awake nursing/feeding her baby too, your texts include terms like TTC, EBF, DS, DH, DD, CD, VBAC, WAHM, WOHM, NAK, EDD, AP and AIO.
  • After a long rough night with the kids she can come over and understand why you are still wearing pijamas and your house is a total mess.
  • You can both breastfeed/feed your babies at the same time while sitting on the couch having a long conversation about any topic.
  • She gives you a limited edition AIO cloth diaper as your birthday present and you absolutely love it.
  • When your baby is sick you text her photos of your child’s latest stool samples and she sends you a link to a KellyMom post that explains green stools with lots of detail.
  • When you go to each other’s places for playdates you greet each other with coffee/tea.
  • You can freely talk about your frustrations without feeling judged and you both celebrate when one/both of your babies sleep through the night, even when it is just that ONE nigh!
  • You admire each other’s cloth diaper stashes and text each other when a new cute print goes on sale.
  • Your children play happily together most of the time and they generally enjoy each other’s company.
  • She is there for you when you need her and you are there for her too. Aren’t you a lucky ducky?!

But most importantly YOU will KNOW when you find her! Real friends are a treasure!

What qualities does YOUR perfect mom friend have?