10 Signs You Have Found The Perfect “Mom Friend”

10 Signs You Have Found The Perfect "Mom Friend"

Motherhood can be lonely at times so having good girlfriends and more specifically mom girlfriends makes all the difference.  Here’s a list of 10 Signs You Have Found The Perfect “Mom Friend”, if you have be sure to appreciate her because you are a very lucky mommy!

  • You can send her a text at 4 a.m. and know you will get a reply because she is probably awake nursing/feeding her baby too, your texts include terms like TTC, EBF, DS, DH, DD, CD, VBAC, WAHM, WOHM, NAK, EDD, AP and AIO.
  • After a long rough night with the kids she can come over and understand why you are still wearing pijamas and your house is a total mess.
  • You can both breastfeed/feed your babies at the same time while sitting on the couch having a long conversation about any topic.
  • She gives you a limited edition AIO cloth diaper as your birthday present and you absolutely love it.
  • When your baby is sick you text her photos of your child’s latest stool samples and she sends you a link to a KellyMom post that explains green stools with lots of detail.
  • When you go to each other’s places for playdates you greet each other with coffee/tea.
  • You can freely talk about your frustrations without feeling judged and you both celebrate when one/both of your babies sleep through the night, even when it is just that ONE nigh!
  • You admire each other’s cloth diaper stashes and text each other when a new cute print goes on sale.
  • Your children play happily together most of the time and they generally enjoy each other’s company.
  • She is there for you when you need her and you are there for her too. Aren’t you a lucky ducky?!

But most importantly YOU will KNOW when you find her! Real friends are a treasure!

What qualities does YOUR perfect mom friend have?

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Angela V

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12 responses to “10 Signs You Have Found The Perfect “Mom Friend””

  1. Love it! My best friend is also a mommy 🙂

  2. My best friend and I both got pregnant on the same year without planning it. It has been a blessing to have a friend who is going through the same stuff after becoming a mom. I know how lucky I am to have her 🙂

  3. I was pretty alone during that time in my life I am afraid and still dont have a lot of friends due to a disability. I am envious of people who have Mom friends.

    • I also have a disability and its hard when you cant do what others are doing

  4. Excellent article, i also like ! http://ow.ly/HlCDH

  5. A good friend is a priceless gift. She is one to whom you can confide your hopes and fears and you do the same for her-No judging involved in either. I have been blessed in having two or three of these wonderful people.

  6. I found mine when the oldest one entered school – she is honest, funny and understands every silly/crazy/stupid/hysterical word out of my head… And I understand hers – been there… probably do that tomorrow.


  7. Haha I love this list! I definitely have a perfect mom friend!

  8. Best friends are a blessing,mine is a mommy too

  9. Your list is so true

  10. I know i definitely have the perfect mom friend,one you casn always count on

  11. Good friends are precious and need to be cultivated whether it’s a mom friend or just a girl friend. I left my home country when I was 21, leaving many good friends behind. In those days it was writing letters to each other that was so important. Now I use the internet more to stay in touch and I’ve noticed that as I get older there is less exciting stuff to tell them. 🙁

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