Lifenest: Breathable Crib Bumper


Traditional thicker crib bumpers may protect babies from entanglement and injuries but they are not safe because they can cause suffocation, they have also been linked to reduced airflow and therefore a higher risk factor with SIDS related incidents.

I used crib bumpers with my first before I even knew about all the risks, so when I had my second child I decided to go without. Not having the bumpers is safer but he still gets his little arms and legs entangled and trapped between the crib slats every once in a while. When he does he is usually screaming and terrified and I hate seeing him like that.

Enter Lifenest, the all-new breathable bumper that is completely quilted and padded. These new bumpers have been designed to reduce the risk of suffocation and allow superior airflow to provide a much more restful sleep for infants.bumper

The Lifenest bumper is hypoallergenic and soft, it is breathable and it is also collapsible to prevent toddlers from climbing out of the crib.  I like that the bumpers tuck underneath all four corners of the mattress to create a secure fit for most standard cribs.


These bumpers are also machine washable, they are available in cream, blue, pink, green, and white. I love not having to worry boy my little monkey’s arms and legs getting caught and entangled  between the crib slats  anymore.

The Breathable Bumper is a great item for new parents, or even as a baby shower gift! The Breathable Bumper is available for $49.99 at Babies “R” Us, Amazon, and other select retailers nationwide.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Great to know that these are available.

  2. Great that they are available at Babies r us and Amazon!

  3. This sounds great! I will keep this product in mind

  4. Looks nice & cozy…safer too.

  5. Looks so comfy and nice. I know what I’m getting my friend now.

  6. This is a great option for bumpers!

  7. Wow,these are super neat

  8. The color they are available in are very nice

  9. I actually rushed out and bought a crib bumper after I continually found my first baby more less jammed in the corner of his crib against the wooden sides. I never knew that they could be dangerous too!

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