5 Tips to Make Halloween with Baby Fun & Not Frightful


Celebrating your baby’s first or second Halloween this year? This Halloween we will be going trick-or-treating with two kids for the first time, we are so excited to have our littlest monkey join in fun!

Spooky scenes, creepy costumes and eerie eats: these Halloween favourites can be overwhelming for a little one. But while there’s plenty to be scared of on All Hallows’ Eve, getting your baby involved should be no cause for fear. Below are some fun tips from Disney Baby and us to get your baby successfully involved in the celebration. Happy Halloween!

  • Be an early bird

If your baby is old enough and you want to go out and trick-or-treat or take in the ghoulish sights, don’t be afraid to head out early. Try talking to your neighbours and organizing a special event for wee ones before the real action begins. Or find out who is home during the day, and make your rounds then!

Our tip: People with the scarier more adult costumes usually come out later at night so it is a good idea to go early to avoid little ones being afraid of the creepy masks and costumes.

  • Nix the neighbourhood

If you aren’t comfortable taking your little ones trick-or-treating, there are often local baby-friendly events you can bring them to instead. If you’re not sure where to start, try a zoo! Many organize Halloween activities specifically for young children.

Our tip: Find out if your local mall has fun activities planned for Halloween. Sometimes children can go trick-or-treating at the stores inside the mall, that’s always safe and it is full of other little ones doing the same.

  • Revel with your relatives

For a more low-key option, have a little party at home or take your baby to visit the family! Have everyone get dressed up in fun, friendly costumes, make a few treats like these frozen ‘boo’-nana pops, or set up a creepy craft station.

Our tip: If you don’t have family in the city then get in touch with other friend’s with young children like yours and organize a little get together. Make it a potluck and have everyone bring fun Halloween themed treats to share.

  • Stick with stories

If the idea of Halloween is still a bit overwhelming, and you want to introduce it to your little one slowly, start with a few Halloween-themed tales, like Pooh says Boo! or Halloween Surprise. Books like these are a simple and easy way to bring the festivities home, ensuring that baby enjoys a Halloween treat, and you enjoy a quiet night in.

Our tip: You can also stay home to give out candy to trick-or-treaters, it may be fun for your little one to come to the door to “help” you give treats out.

  • Choose a comfy costume

Whatever activity you choose, if you decide to include a costume, make sure baby is not only cute but also comfy.

Our tip: Be sure to check the forecast before you go out and try to include layers. Be prepared in case they are too cold or too hot and bring a change of clothes!

Disclosure: I am a Disney Baby Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group; however all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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17 responses to “5 Tips to Make Halloween with Baby Fun & Not Frightful”

  1. Love the monkey costume! SO cute

  2. Great tips!

  3. The monkey suit was a great choice, I love it. Some very good tips here for the smaller first time trick and treaters.

  4. Great Halloween tips! I know my 5 year old is super excited about Halloween since he ‘finally’ gets it…but my 3 year old isn’t quite sure about it yet.

  5. Thanks for the great tips it’s my boys second Halloween we are planning an early tick or treat

  6. Great tips, thank you

  7. The monkey costume is soooo cute

  8. Lots of people in my area go to the mall to trick or treat because it is safer than the neighborhoods.

  9. Tip one-Go out early- We live in a fairly large subdivision and we see small children early on Hallowe’en evening(before dark) accompanied with an adult. This is the safest way, in my opinion, to let them go trick or treating before the older children, some dressed in scary masks, come out. They love visiting the homes. They watch as you put the treats in their bags, following the treats with their eyes. For the last several years, they say: ‘Happy Hallowe’en!’ and go on to the next house. We really enjoy them.

  10. thanks for the tips we got a 11 month old going for his first

  11. Tip2-Nix the Neighborhood- Our neighborhood seems very safe. I wouldn’t be surprised if parents from outside this area dropped or accompanied their children here in this area. The houses are very close together, with excellent lighting and most people seem to really enjoy the children.
    I think that if you are uncomfortable with a certain neighborhood, especially in cities, it is perfectly ok to take your child(ren) to a Hallowe’en event in a safe place. also to certain close relatives who will be wanting to see them in their costumes.
    Small children would not mind trick or treating if someone provided a small amount of treats. It takes an older child,, in my opinion, to really insist on going out on Hallowe’en and then the concern is safety..

  12. Love Halloween! He is so adorable in the monkey costume 🙂

  13. Another good idea is trick or treating at the mall. Lots of them have day events for the little ones.

  14. Revel with Family–I really like this one. Some of my family members take their little ones here year after year. We always have special treats for them and take pictures, etc. It means a great deal to the children and, certainly, to us.

  15. Stick with Stories. I think this is a wonderful suggestion for toddlers and small children. It is a way of introducing Hallowe’en that is not as scary as some of the adult connotations. Thank you .

  16. Choose a Comfy Costume- This is so important. My grandson brought his small son out to visit us and tried to put his costume on here. It was so tight that he couldn’t put the head part on my great grandson’s head. (It was a Lion costume.)
    The little fellow was upset for a while but when he saw other small children in our subdivision walking about to the houses, he wanted to go too. His father took him to a few and he was very happy.

  17. Comfy costumes are the best for little ones! Our grandson will be months old next Halloween, so I’ll be wiating another year to revel in his costume glory!

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