Preschool-age children can get pretty messy when they are at school. Painting, playing outside and tactile exploring means their clothes, shoes and hands will not be very clean by the end of the day.

Our preschooler goes to a Montessori preschool and he has a uniform so we don’t worry about the clothes too much but if you don’t want your child getting paint on their favourite dress or ripping a hole in their favourite pair of paints then I suggest to send them to school wearing clothes meant for their rough and tumble school day, look for functional and least expensive pieces. They can always change into their “nicer” clothes after school.


kandooWe also try to give our son a bath or shower before bedtime to clean up, specially if he spent most of the day outside playing. We usually use Kandoo Body Wash and we love that it is hypoallergenic; contains no parabens or SLS and it has natural fruit extracts to moisturize while cleaning. The smells is amazing too!

detanglerIf you have a little girl or a little boy with longer hair I recommend trying out Kandoo Hair Detangler after their bath/shower, no need to rinse it after and it is made with natural herbal extracts.

Something else we try to reinforce a lot at home is hygiene and hand washing. Kids at preschool are usually sharing a lot of things and they touch everything, they are also going to the washroom on their own and sitting down to have snacks at snack time. The teachers at his school really focus on getting everyone to wash their hands after going to the washroom and before snack time but I know that I have to trust that my little one is taking the time to wash them properly.  It all starts at home and practicing hand washing at home is important and recommended before school starts.


At home we use Kandoo BrightFoam Handsoap. We pump it into dry hands, lather vigorously for at least 15 seconds (sometimes while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) and rinse and dry thoroughly. I don’t think he sings when he washes his hands at school but I think he does remember what we do at home.

I must admit that I get a little bit anxious about not being at school watching him do this things but I trust that he is a bright little boy who remembers what we do at home and listens to his teachers. If you teach your little one about hygiene at home they will take that with them wherever they go.

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