Is your little one having trouble sleeping through the night? Have you heard of hiring a sleep expert to help? If you live in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg then I suggest you consider hiring a professional sleep consultant from Sleepdreams.  Sleepdreams’ Registered Occupational Therapists are professional paediatric health care providers that have been trained and tested at the university level. All Sleepdreams consultants have a Masters’ Degree in Occupational Therapy, by hiring them you are getting the best you can for baby sleep training.

Occupational Therapists work in areas of sleep, feeding, sensory processing, toileting, fine and gross motor skills. They assess each child to ensure they are meeting their physical and cognitive (mental) milestones, all of which can be affected by poor sleep. A really big advantage when hiring a Registered Occupational Therapists is the fact that many extended health care plans recognize and cover the cost of our services. Check with your benefit provider to see if Occupational Therapy is covered under your plan, if you don’t have coverage OT services may be income tax deductible as recognized by Canada Revenue Agency.

Last year while I was expecting I connected with Jennifer Garden, Sleepdream’s founder. I reconnected again this year after my son’s birth. Sleep was never a problem with my first but we have really struggled with our second child. From the day he was born he was waking up five to six times a night, every night. He relied on a soother and breastfeeding to fall back to sleep and our whole family was sleep deprived for months and months.

Jennifer set us up with a Sleepdreams OT and she came over to our home for a full assessment. We were also provided with a series of questionnaires and screening information for her to get a full picture of our son’s sleep diary and profile.  I appreciated the in-home visit and the time the OT took going through our questionnaire, asking questions and collecting as much data as possible. She also checked his sleeping environment and gave us some tips and ideas on what to do to help him sleep better.

Shortly after the OT’s visit we received a sleep assessment report summarizing our son’s profile, all the information the OT collected during our visit and our personalized plan with suggestions and recommendations. Following the plan was not an easy task for us and it took a few months to implement all the recommendations given, it was not a quick fix and the key was consistency and helping him figure out how to fall asleep on his own. No bouncing, rocking, nursing or soother use needed.

During the time we took to implement the plan we wrote e-mails back and forth and she provided suggestions and support while answering all of our questions. I must say that some of the final suggestions really worked for us. Once we fully implemented the plan everything started to click into place. It was not an easy process but it was worth it. For the first time since he was born Jasper has been sleeping from 7:00pm to 7:00am every night. It has been a week of great sleep and it is bliss!  He sleeps in his own room, in his crib and he falls asleep on his own.  We can all finally sleep uninterrupted at night!

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with our OT at Sleepdreams and Jennifer. We received the support we needed to help Jasper sleep better. Sleep is super important and working with trained professionals with ample experience was wonderful. If you are having difficulty helping your child sleep better I highly recommend Sleepdreams. Be sure to contact Jennifer and use your medical plan if OTs are covered. Trust me, sleeping better at night changes everything!

Disclosure: I received complementary services in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions are 100% my own.