Starting a dialog around the topic of responsibility with young children can be done in a fun and entertaining way. For example, watching a kid’s T.V show or reading a story with your kids can turn into the perfect opportunity to kickstart a meaningful conversation.

Getting a new pet is something we often talk about at home. The boys both love animals and they would like for us to add a dog to the family. While I love dogs as well and the idea sounds fun I also know the big responsibility behind being a pet owner and the extra work needed when caring for a cute puppy.

We recently watched the first episode of VeggieTales on “Netflix” entitled “Puppies & Guppies/Sorry We’re Closed Today” and had a great talk about pets. In this episode Larry and Laura Carrot want to adopt puppies, but quickly learn it takes responsibility in order to watch over and care for a pet of their own. That was the perfect time for us to have a chat about what it really means to own a pet. We talked about the responsibility of walking the dog, feeding it, taking it to the vet, giving it baths and doing all of the other things pet owners have to do. A fun way to prepare the boys for when we decide to adopt a pet.

Do you own a pet? Do your kids have responsibilities related to owing a pet? Would love to hear your stories!

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam. All views and opinions are my own.