Chatting About Responsibility with Your Little Ones


Starting a dialog around the topic of responsibility with young children can be done in a fun and entertaining way. For example, watching a kid’s T.V show or reading a story with your kids can turn into the perfect opportunity to kickstart a meaningful conversation.

Getting a new pet is something we often talk about at home. The boys both love animals and they would like for us to add a dog to the family. While I love dogs as well and the idea sounds fun I also know the big responsibility behind being a pet owner and the extra work needed when caring for a cute puppy.

We recently watched the first episode of VeggieTales on “Netflix” entitled “Puppies & Guppies/Sorry We’re Closed Today” and had a great talk about pets. In this episode Larry and Laura Carrot want to adopt puppies, but quickly learn it takes responsibility in order to watch over and care for a pet of their own. That was the perfect time for us to have a chat about what it really means to own a pet. We talked about the responsibility of walking the dog, feeding it, taking it to the vet, giving it baths and doing all of the other things pet owners have to do. A fun way to prepare the boys for when we decide to adopt a pet.

Do you own a pet? Do your kids have responsibilities related to owing a pet? Would love to hear your stories!

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam. All views and opinions are my own.

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12 responses to “Chatting About Responsibility with Your Little Ones”

  1. Talking about pets is tricky for sure. We don’t own any.

  2. I think that children have to learn about responsibilities not only with regard to pets but also with regards to help in the house, money and school etc. It’s never easy for kids to understand that they have to do their part but if they want a pet they have to know up front what will be expected of them.

    • Yes, so important to teach them about responsibility when they are young!

  3. OMG I remember VeggieTales being played in elementary school! Cute way to learn for sure.

  4. We recently said goodbye to our pet of 10 yrs. She wasn’t well… just as I was starting to teach my girl about that responsibility, it came to an end.

  5. No pets right now. I applaud your caution, I think that possibly one reason many pets need a new home is people often underestimate how much responsibility it is to properly care for a pet. Also, very expensive. If you can afford it, and have the time, it is great. I’d like to have a dog again.

  6. no we don’t have any pets but i am thinking of getting a puppy or a dog when he gets a bit older. still not sure he’ll be responsible then but we’ll try to work out the responsibilities as a family.

  7. we don’t have pets at home before we know we aren’t responsible enough with everything that is going on. Maybe in a few years we will

  8. This is a biggy, at first the child will be all willing to help out, then all of a sudden it is you doing all the work

  9. My older son is really starting to learn about helping out around the house. He is 8 and he does his own laundry (with some help), sweeps, tidies, and even does dishes (and does a great job!). We have cats too but he usually isn’t the one feeding them or changing their litter yet lol

  10. We usually always had a cat when our children were little. The children would feed it and my daughter would feed the stray cats who lived in an old barn near our property. All my children loved animals and would look after them.
    I think having a pet is a wonderful way to begin talking about responsibility to your children.

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