We are really enjoying the summer break right now. However, back-to-school season is just around the corner, and little ones will get back into their school routine before we know it. 

The first few weeks back at school and back to a daily routine can get a bit crazy for parents and children, but if you prepare for it, you can adapt quickly to the new schedules. 

I believe it is all about creating a routine, getting back to the same schedule slowly, shopping for back-to-school supplies early, and getting the kids excited about the return to school. 

Below, I share a few of my tried-and-tested tips to make the transition easier.

Easy Back-To-School Prep Tips

Easy Back-To-School Prep Tips

  • Get the kids in bed early at night and up early in the mornings. To help the transition to the new schedule, make sure the kids go to bed early and wake up at a good time in the mornings starting a few weeks before their return to school.
  • Limit TV and electronic use as kids get ready to start school again. Often parents are flexible with screen time during the summer break but limit screen time once school starts. To avoid the shock of no devices or limited screen time once kids are back at school, start transitioning to gradually less screen time before school starts to get kids used to the no device school routine.
  • Re-establish a meal/snack schedule. During the summer break, family schedules shift. For example, breakfast can be served later in the day, and the same goes for lunch and dinner. Try to slowly go back to a back-to-school schedule when having meals and snacks to make it easier when school starts. It is all about a slow return to meal schedules.
  • Go shopping for must-have school supplies early, and take the kids. Avoid the shopping rush right before school starts. Instead, go shopping for your must-have back-to-school supplies early and take the kids with you so they can help you shop and get excited about school.  Some of my must-haves to shop for before school starts are Scotch® Super-Hold Tape, Magic™ Tape, Wall-Safe Tape, and Double Sided Tape. I always have a good supply of Scotch® Brand Tape at home, as we use lots of tape during the school year.  
    We use Scotch® Magic™ Tape to repair textbooks and books the boys are reading. They somehow always rip pages, and Magic™ Tape saves our books/textbooks.

Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape is a must when the kids come home with their drawings and other school projects, and you want to hang them in their bedrooms or the playroom. I love that our wall paint stays intact without sacrificing our walls. Yay for zero damage!

Easy Back-To-School Prep Tips

Scotch® Double-Sided Tape is another must for us. We use it when the boys have to put together presentations on cardboard/posters, and they don’t want messy glue residue. We use it all year long with no mess.

Easy Back-To-School Prep Tips

Back to School season can be lots of fun and shouldn’t be a stressful time for families.

Do you have other tips for making the transition easy and fun for the entire family? Please share your tips with us below in the comments.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Scotch®. However, all views and opinions are my own.