It’s March Break and my children will be at home for two weeks. The kids are very used to their routine and the stimulation of school so I have to come up with fun and engaging activities we can work on together during his break.

Spending time at the park, Science World, the Aquarium and outdoors is great but it’s also important to be prepared for the rainy days when we stay indoors, after all, we live in rainy Vancouver. And now with the coronavirus outbreak, there is no chance we will be going to any of the local public places during the break, as we will be trying to isolate and stay at home to help slow down the spread of the virus.

I usually print colouring pages, math worksheets made specifically for their grades, alphabet learning sheets, alphabet flashcards and more.

Fun March Break Educational Activities {Free Printables}

Fun March Break Educational Activities {Free Printables}

If you are looking for fun printable worksheets to support your little one’s learning over March Break then be sure to go HERE. This is our favourite website for free printables, they have activities for all ages, covering reading, writing, math and science, and they are all FREE.

What activities have you planned for Spring Break with your little ones?