The March Break is finally here, and it couldn’t have come at a better time right now. As we are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, keeping children at home during the two-week break is going to be a good thing, to hopefully help us slow down the number of infected people. 
I have been thinking about what we are going to be doing during the break and, hoping to have lots of activities for the boys to do at home. Since we won’t be spending any time in public places, we will play in the backyard, do some school work at home, play board games, read books, do some writing, drawing, make music, and just enjoy our time together.
We got our delivery of March book picks from DK Canada this week, and the books came at the perfect time. I selected some great books this month and I am sharing them all below.
Our March Break Book Picks from DK Books Canada
In Sketchbook for the Artist, acclaimed artist and teacher Sarah Simblet teaches you how to draw by combining practical lessons with examples of both her own work and some of the world’s greatest drawings. She introduces all the key drawing materials, then shows you how to master the basic elements of drawing in a series of step-by-step drawing classes, covering topics ranging from simple mark-making to establishing form, creating tone, and conveying perspective. You will learn how to explore a wide variety of subjects, from still life, plants, and animals to portraits, the human body, landscapes, and buildings, all of which are introduced with outstanding drawings by famous artists.

The bestselling author of Anatomy for the Artist and Botany for the Artist, Sarah demonstrates how she works – from quick pencil sketches to pen and ink studies – with expertise and plenty of encouraging tips, and complements them with plentiful examples from her own drawing books.

Sketchbook for the Artist is for anyone who wants to draw, whether you are a complete beginner or would like to refresh your existing skills. Whatever your ability, it will inspire you to reach for a pencil and paper and start drawing.

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The boys have already started going through this book. So many amazing tips and beautiful examples to help you sketch. Great for beginners and more experienced sketchers as well.
Our March Break Book Picks from DK Books Canada
A practical guide to learning how to draw with pencils, charcoal, pens, and pastels, Artist’s Drawing Techniques helps you develop skills in every medium. Begin with the basics-choose and observe a subject and then figure out the composition-and then continue to sketch your masterpieces as your skills and confidence develop.

After the basic principles are mastered, you will be inspired to move on to new challenges as your artistic talents blossom on your own terms. Artist’s Drawing Techniques explains which tools, materials, and methods should be used, allowing you to master more than 80 techniques, from shading to blending to perspective to cross-hatching, as you follow inspirational drawing tutorials.

Perfect for the beginner picking up a new hobby or the experienced artist who wants to expand your horizons with new styles, Artist’s Drawing Techniques is an essential guide for unlocking your creativity.

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Just like the sketching book, this book has some amazing explanations, step by step tips and more. So excited to get drawing! A beautiful hardcover book that makes a great coffee table book. I leave the drawing books out on the table for the kids to grab, flip through, and start drawing whenever.  Check out my nine-year old’s work below.

Our March Break Book Picks from DK Books Canada

Artist’s Painting Techniques is your practical guide to learning how to bring out your inner artist with a wide range of painting styles, whether you want to learn how to use acrylics, watercolors, or oil paints.

With progression in mind, this master class will teach you the basic principles of painting and then inspire you to move on to new challenges and create masterpieces of your own. It explains which tools, materials, and methods should be used along the way, but lets you develop your artistic skills on your own terms rather than providing a series of steps to be followed.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to take up a new hobby or an experienced artist who wants to expand your horizons and learn new styles, Artist’s Painting Techniques will set you on your path to creativity.

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If you want to get into painting, this book has some amazing tips. Excellent book for beginners as well or even if you have experience and you want some inspiration or extra challenges.
Our March Break Book Picks from DK Books Canada

Learn how to tell compelling visual stories for every aspect of your charmingly curated life – from a cozy snap of your shabby chic bed, to a candid of your day trip with hubs, to an attractive flat lay of your covetable afternoon-in-the-park outfit. How do people take those aerial shots of breakfast in bed, why do her selfies look so flattering, and how does she have time to capture all those beautiful photos while raising a family? Learn from successful Instagram influencers as they teach you all the exclusive tricks of the trade.

InstaStyle is your visual guide for transforming your feed and showcasing your life, while remaining true to your brand. From the moment you create your handle to get started, this book provides content inspiration, advice on curating shots, and editing instructions to keep your grid captivating and professional.

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Pack your bags and grab your passport as Aggie takes you on a journey to her favorite places in the world. She’ll share how to get from place to place, what to do for fun in each locale, and, of course, how to recreate her beautiful photos. Aggie can help you make the most of your budget by suggesting the best places to eat and the best places to stay. You’ll also learn what you need to take with you, how to navigate cultural differences, and how to find props for your photos.
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Our March Break Book Picks from DK Books Canada
I got the InstaStyle and InstaTravel for myself and I love them. Lots of amazing info on how and what to share on Instagram. Lots of starters for people who don’t have an Instagram account yet, and those of us who have been doing it for a while. So many beautiful photos. I am feeling totally inspired after reading both, plus they are a great distraction during these tough times we are going through right now!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with DK Books Canada. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.